“Couldn’t put it down” – The Fountain: Seven Extraordinary Stories  by Seven of Your Favorite Authors by Andi Lawrencovna, Lisa K. Miller,‎ Julia Mills,‎  Darlene Kuncytes,‎ Linda Boulanger,‎ Virginia McKevitt,‎ C.b. Roberts

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It is said there’s a dragon fountain somewhere off the beaten path, a fountain where your wishes can be granted. 
All you have to do is believe.
A female Robin Hood, a dragon frozen in time, a sexy werewolf, a trip through time to find your one true mate, a storybook vampire, a need for change, and a knight in shining armor.
One fountain.
One mighty dragon.
Seven wishes.
5-star review

Couldn’t put it down
By dmcl
Seven stories by seven talented author, each beginning with the same line.
“The sun glistened off the rippling water in the fountain and cast a shadow over the face of the dragon statue standing guard in the center.”
Each story is untiled, so I’ll Identify them by characters and authors.
Banning and Mimi by Julia Mills. It was a spectacular, action-filled, edge-of-your-seat story set in the world of Julia’s…

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