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sunrise 065It was a dark place, akin to madness
Wrought by a grief held in stasis;
Buried alive by choices
Made in assumed ignorance
And wilful blindness.
Rooted in the memory of a past long dead,
That rattled its chains in waking nightmares
And brittle laughter.
Afraid to be seen, afraid to be ignored
To pass into oblivious eternity
Without having lived.
Or loved.
Or been.
And yet…
There was a glimpse, a fleeting flicker
A pause in the cadence, a heartbeat skipped,
When the world stopped.
A point of flame, unwavering,
Steady as ancient stone
That sang my name
And laughed at eternity.
Mirroring the universe
With my soul.
How many times
Had I not seen
Before allowing
Joy to lead my feet
And take me home.

sunrise 061

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The lamb – from Kevin Patrick

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dedicated to those who were at the Birth of The Silents Eye.
With Much Love.
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The Lamb

I am a Lamb, at least,
That is what I am told those strange creatures –humans- know us by.
But today was a special day, I could tell!
The first hints of dawn were calling me to graze.
– As the Creator Wills –

But I snuggled close still to my mum.
The dew was still upon the grass of the fields.
As diamond points of creation upon the Land.
But a sudden impulse caused me to rise.

I’m glad I did.

As, a strange company floated by.
Strange that is – as seen by most human eyes.

Leading their company, were those dressed in the bright colours of the ‘One’.
And behind, were other bright souls, a flock, ready to dance and greet him.
Just like when this world was first created.

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3.14159 26535 89793 23846…


It is Pi Day, that is in the states where we write today’s date 3/14 it is. (Another fun fact is that Einstein was born on this day in 1879.) In another life of mine I sometimes teach math. Kids of all ages have heard of Pi and are fascinated with it. I have had them write Pi-etry and Pi-ku using the digits of Pi to determine either syllable or word-count. Below is my take, using the first 21 digits to dictate syllable count. The second poem is my more free form ode to Pi, or M’ode à la Pi . 

My math students did a remarkable job of writing with the Pi-ku challenge. I challenge you to take a cross-curricular leap and use Pi or the digit sequence of Pi as your inspiration to write a poem today. Use as many or as few digits as you wish…

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Poetry Organizations from Across the United States Join Together to Offer Programs on the theme Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live: Poetry & the Body

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Extract from The Academy of American Poets site:

New York, NY (February 26, 2018)—This March the more than twenty organizations in ten cities nationwide that compose the Poetry Coalition will launch Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live: Poetry & the Body, the coalition’s second annual programming initiative. For this collaborative effort, each organization will bring its unique mission to the task of presenting programs and projects on the theme of the body. Programs will include a range of events and publications that address issues including mass incarceration, transphobia, violence against people of color, and health and self-care. This programming is made possible in part by a grant from the Ford Foundation secured by the Academy of American Poets.

The phrase “Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live” is an excerpt from U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith’s poem “Flores Woman” from her collection Duende, which…

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Marcia’s Resplendent Lagoon

The Write Stuff

Never been much for swimming

My style likened to that of a log

Don’t know what I was thinking

When I dove into my own murky blog.

The waters finally cleared some

I floated and began to look around

Saw a blog isn’t so boggy and scare-some

Well, let me tell you just what I found.

I was first picked up by some buckaroos

Who taught me more refined strokes

Finer teachers I couldn’t choose

They introduced me to other fine folks.

Like Florida waterways connected

By rivers, creeks and canals

I found that many blogs intersected

And met even more swimming pals.

I stopped being a bump on a log and

Bumped into friendly folks so kind

Who helped me figure out this blog-land,

Gave gifts of their space and their time.

And now I’m swimming at Write Stuff

In Marcia’s resplendent lagoon

so come on by for a…

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International Haiku Poetry Day 2017

Annette Rochelle Aben

This IS April 17th and that means I am in my glory!  Why? Because this is International Haiku Poetry Day!!  (woot woot) Now, this is National Poetry Month (all April long) and Int’l Haiku Poetry Day, so I have combined them and declared Int’l Haiku Poetry Month-Day…  (a woman’s prerogative)


If ever there was a poetry format I have embraced with every fiber of my being, it IS Haiku. Honestly, I will hear a phrase I like in my head and immediately I will hold up my left hand and use my right index finger to count out the syllables. If it doesn’t work out, I keep re-writing until it does.  Some say it’s a curse but I say it’s FUN!!

 So, what am I doing to celebrate? I have released my latest collection of Haiku, A Haiku Perspective 2017 on Kindle.  That’s right, you…

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