Ideas and the Philosophy of Books in a Video Game

Kristen Twardowski


The discussion of alternative facts, censorship, the freedom of the press, and the value of information has become more and more important in recent months. Luckily book lovers and video game creators are working to make those questions more accessible. I had the chance to look at Quote, a video game created by one such group of people, and am excited to share it with you all.

So if you like video games, books, or thinking about the role that information plays in society, head over to my article “Quote: A Video Game for Book Lovers” at Book Riot to find out more and see the game trailer.

(Side note: I absolutely adore the design work for this game. Maybe I am easily pleased, but something about the graphics and overall aesthetic speaks to me. The look feels inspired by children’s books yet plays with much larger ideas. I am all…

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A Video Reading from Relative Strangers #2

Helen Treharne

Today I’ve another reading for you from my urban fantasy vampire series. Still with book one in the series, Relative Strangers, although the action has moved on a little since our reading last Monday.

Relative Strangers is available from all major retailers in ebook and paperback formats. You can pop it in your Amazon basket here if you’d like

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Youtube Vlloggers: Today’s Biggest Influencers

International Book Promotion

Youtube Vlloggers: Today's Biggest Influencers Youtube Vlloggers: Today’s Biggest Influencers

If you are convinced that videos are important for marketing, check out our book trailers and book video review products.

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Announcing A Special Kindle Promo

Author - Richard F Holmes

To commemorate my having officially entered the realms of Old Fartdom I’m offering Universal Law – An Idiot’s Guide as a special promotion on Amazon Kindle for seven days. The promotion will run from 08:00 on Monday 4 May to 08:00 on Mon 11 May. This particular offer applies to the UK only, but later in the year I will be offering other promotions exclusive to the US.

During those seven days you can get a kindle copy of the book for just 99p. Go on! Fill your boots!

Buy on


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Author - Richard F Holmes

Once again my blog has been a bit redundant lately, and for the same reasons as I explained last time; namely, that I write mainly about my actual spiritual experiences, which remain at a premium at this moment in time (nearly a year without a decent out-of body; can you believe that?) Never mind, I can take this opportunity to share my musings with you and let you know what projects are on the horizon.

It has occurred to me that we all make judgements about “stuff”, situations and other people, and although these judgements are not always disparaging, they are nonetheless judgements, which serve no purpose unless we act on them in a positive way. What I mean is this, when we see something or hear about something that we perceive as being awful and not in line with all that is humanly decent, we judge it as being…

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