April Author Interview Answer #6 “Can you shape the thoughts of readers?”

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Romance and Erotica books have a huge number of fans all over the world. As an author, do you think your stories have positive influence on your readers? We have asked this question to all 7 authors as their stories are capable of shaping the mind of young readers. It’s time to know what all SEVEN Romance & Erotica authors think about this. A couple of days earlier, we revealed the answers for Question #5 “Violence in Your story, YAY or NAY?”For those of you reading this post and not knowing what’s going on, we interviewed Romance and Erotica authors last month. You can click on the authors’ names below to learn about them more.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all seven authors who took part in this author interview!

This month, we are interviewing Young Adult authors and if you have any questions for them, please…

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Blog Interview #5 with Author Marcha Fox



I had the pleasure of meeting Marcha Fox during a Facebook event spotlighting various artists. As well as making a friend, I won a prize package containing a book she wrote detailing the uses and history of Astrology, a personal analysis, and an autographed copy of her book – A Dark of Endless Days. As you’ll be able to tell from the interview, she’s a pleasant, intelligent lady who’s become one of my favorite authors. Read on as I pick apart the labyrinthine mind of Marcha Fox.





Hi Marcha.  I’m stoked you agreed to be my guest today. You’re about to release the fourth book of your Star Trails Tetralogy. Have you changed course any from Book one to Book four or are you where you should be in telling the story?


The story has unfolded in a very natural manner with numerous surprises, even…

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A Breeze Without a Journey

Regina Puckett

A Breeze Without a Journey

A Breeze Without a Journey
Regina Puckett

I swing back and forth, forth and back
A porcelain vessel with a chip and crack
I love this way and that, that and this way
An empty heart without an utterance or a say
I wander aimlessly in and out, out and in
As a breeze without a journey blows against my skin

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Unen Ameji

How do we feed the world's starving

a unen portrait

Unen contacted us about furthering her causes and message, We saw an opportunity to understand the African challenges faced by our brothers on the African continent from a new perspective. Unen will be making guest blogs and we will be sharing her sites content as well in an attempt to further all our causes.

About AfricanStories

AfricanLoveStories.Com as created by @UnenAmeji is an online platform dedicated to promoting upcoming African writers by creating the E-Bookstore where writers can access editing services and sell their works as E-books.

Telling great African Stories from an African Heritage has always been part of us and as such AfricanLoveStories.Com is home to extremely interesting online series and comedy from prominent Nigerian writers. Read Interviews and Reviews of African Literature on AfricanLoveStories.Com as it is the one stop dais for the artistic expression of our identities and our stories.


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Another five star review

Jane Dougherty Writes

The first review of The Dark Citadel is in from the free download exercise. Thank you to Chris (the Ape Man) for reading so quickly, enjoying it, and posting such a lovely review. Chris is tremendously supportive of Indie authors and devotes a hell of a lot of his time promoting them on his blog.
You can read the review here
and visit Chris’s blog here

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