Birth of a Book: Week 2 #amwriting

Julie Lawford

acorns-57305_1280To plan, or not to plan, this is the question

I’m more of a planner, than a pantser, which means I can’t get very far into a new novel without putting a bit of flesh on the bones of my scraps of story outline.  Those three or four pages need to evolve into a chapter-by-chapter summary before I begin to feel even a little bit comfortable about where things are going.

I’m not obsessive about it. I won’t end up with 10,000 words, perhaps 3,000 all told, in table format, so I can juggle the chapters around. (And no… so far, for those who are interested in this kind of thing – no Scrivener, just MSWord.) I write a few lines about what happens in each chapter, plus – and this is very important – a note of qualification; an answer to the question… what is this chapter doing in…

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“Kris” Charles the Cat Book # 1 by Patrick O’Scheen


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What would it be like to locate the father that you never knew?

For Kris Cane this is a dream come true. However, Kris’ father has other ideas about his newly discovered son… The young orphan finds his family with the help of genetic testing, but something is terribly wrong. The boy tries to discover a way to survive as he is embroiled in a murder plot.

Can he escape with the unlikely assistance of his cat, a nun, and a detective who wants to see his new-found parent jailed?…/…/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0…

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Another poem … about propensity scores??

irene cat book

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