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1. “In the Manor of Heather Black”
by Gary D. Henry
Category: Horror…/21495-in-the-manor-of-heather-black

2. “Gart’s Road” Book 2 of the Fire of the Jidaan Trilogy
by Whit McClendon
Category: Fantasy…/20445-gart-s-road

3. “Antiques & Avarice” (White Mountains Romantic Mysteries Book 1)
by Jane Firebaugh
Category: Mystery & Detective…/21461-antiques-and-avarice



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“The way the author is able to weave fantasy with reality is truly astonishing.”

christine book tour kaitlins tale

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Review for “Kaitlin’s Tale” by Christine Amsden

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Listen to “Not an Egg!” *  Written by: Cheryl Matthynssens *  Narrated by: Valerie Gilbert


cheryl m audio not an egg

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Helping a child accept that there will be a new baby in the house can be difficult. Not an Egg is a view of the feelings an older child can experience when a family is expecting a new child. For a child who is used to getting all the attention, this can create feelings of being left out or competing with the new baby.

Not an Egg allows your child to explore these feelings through the eyes of a little dragon and a new egg. It leaves the parent an opportunity to discuss what to expect and that love is not something with limited content.

Follow Seafaria as she learns of a new egg, the changes that an egg brings, and then the joys and wonder of a little brother.

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FREE with Kindle Unlimited! ***  “Antiques & Avarice” by Jane Firebaugh


jane antiques avarice

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White Mountains Romantic Mysteries Book 1

See what readers are saying about ‘Antiques and Avarice, Jane Firebaugh’s exciting cozy romantic mystery debut novel.

“What a wonderful debut novel!”
“If you love a fast-paced mystery, this book is for you.”
“I loved it!”
“My new favorite author.”
“I can envision a long, successful career in [Jane’s] future.”

She’s got a passion for antiques and a penchant for mystery…and Olivia McKenna is about to find herself in the middle of a murder investigation led by a devilishly handsome state trooper who could be the love of her life!

Check out this fun, exciting debut novel from an Amazon Top 100 author in cozy mysteries. It will make you smile and keep you guessing from start to finish!

Olivia McKenna has her own antique shop in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she makes just enough to keep her Golden Retriever, Molly, stocked in treats.

But her peaceful existence is about to get turned upside down. One day, while she’s out antiquing, she discovers a body in a quaint little antique store. And that leads to a fateful meeting with Josh Abrams, the stunning state trooper with the sexy blue-green eyes who’s leading the investigation.

Can Olivia help Josh solve the mystery? Will their instant attraction turn into true love? Download “Antiques and Avarice” today or order the paperback from Amazon and find out!

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