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NOW 99C/99P ON AMAZON – Angels at War (Summer Spirit Series Book 1) by Best-Selling Author Samantha Jacobey

No one EVER had a summer romance like this.

When Charlie visited another plane parallel to our own, he discovered that Summer Angels and Dark Angels battle over the fate of man. Faced with choices no one should ever have to make, his adventure has been fraught with twists and turns, with life and death hanging in the balance. His guardian, Clarisse, is the half that makes him whole, but sinister forces conspire to do more than simply keep them apart.

Find out if they can stand up to the powers that be in this THRILLING MAGICAL ADVENTURE!!! (New adult)


“What Fate has deemed cannot be avoided…”
This series drew me in from the very beginning. There are many aspects to the story and the threads are clear and well-defined throughout the entire set. Each character in the story plays a very important role and while the writing is…

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NOW ONLY 99C /77P – The Summer Spirit Big Box (Summer Spirit Series) by Best Selling Author Samantha Jacobey

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“I wasn’t sure what X and Oliver’s story would involve, and I wasn’t expecting some of the twists in the book, but they just made the story even better.” – Games We Play (Nice Ink Book 4) by Trish Edmisten

Everyone else can fall in love and live happily ever after, but Xavier Owens doesn’t plan on doing the same. With a successful business, plenty of friends, and no shortage of willing bed partners, he always thought he had everything he needed. The only thing missing in his life is someone to share his kink, but that’s not going to happen. The last time Xavier let someone into that part of his life left him with a bruised ego and a broken heart. While both have long since mended, he’s not interested in falling in love again. Fate has other plans in the form of sweet and shy Oliver Nice. There’s something about the man that draws Xavier to him like a moth to a flame. Hopefully, this time he won’t get burned. This is a 78K word novel with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Although it’s part of…

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“I give this book 10+++++++++++ stars and I am more in love with the writing style of Ryanne Anthony than ever before. – Matthew (Book Five of the M Series) by Ryanne Anthony

Matthew Oliver Cannon was a rich, handsome man who had a wild and wicked sense of humor and an insatiable appetite for the fairer sex. Matthew loved women so much he didn’t want to settle for just one; not until he’d gotten his fair share of bedding ‘his fair share as well as removing the pain of a family member’s past indiscretion out of his system. If ever…“Play the field, I say. No ties, no strings. Just… go home and enjoy the solitude.”“You’ll lose that solitude when you have kids,” his brother, Marcus, warned.“Already worked that out, if I ever decide to have them, that is,” Matthew smirked. “They’ll live with their mother. I won’t. No woman’s ever trapping me. I’ll… knock her up and go home. ABC, 123.”It was the perfect arrangement, he resolved. Then he met HER. Madison King, the woman who stopped his breathing just by walking…

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“This is a delightful story about friendship and lessons learned while growing up.” – Winds from the Past (Clere’s Restaurant Book 3) by Pamela Ackerson

Line Blurb

Larriane arrived in Florida with hope, a new job, and a new identity. A hurricane came barreling towards her sanctuary. Alone in the world, she’d been taken in by the Clere’s Restaurant clan and felt welcome. What was she thinking? She should’ve known that you can’t run away from your past.

Kathy Ellingson

It is beautifully illustrated as well

This is a delightful story about friendship and lessons learned while growing up. It is beautifully illustrated as well! Inspirational for aspiring young writers and artists. Highly recommended for all ages!

Line buy links

Winds from the Past Book 3

#ASMSG, #iartg, #bookboost, #bynr

Amazon – FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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She wished her mom could be like she used to be, always smiling and fun. – Hopefully by Mary Clark Dalton, Illustrated by Adrienne Anderson

No one ever told Hope why they decided to give her this name. She never thought to ask. Her dad had died two years ago, and her mom had not been the same since. Hope didn’t understand why her mom slept all the time. She wished her mom could be like she used to be, always smiling and fun. If it wasn’t for her sweet, grandmotherly neighbor Mrs. Jones, Hope would be anything but hopeful. Follow Hope as she finds her journey back to hope!

Amazon – FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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Do your kids need composition notebooks/Journals? Check out “My Little Composition Notebook/Journal. Each has 5 extra pages in the back to color. A little extra fun for your child! By Kirsten Campbell

Sweet Pink& White Monsters with precious flowers adorn this Notebook/Journal for elementary school children. Lots of wide-ruled page interiors that include five extra coloring pages in the back of the book. Lots of fun for kids!

Amazon – Paperback

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“Dead Men Don’t Swing is Karen Vaughan’s bawdy, comedic take on amateur sleuthing.” – Dead Men Don’t Swing (Laura & Gerry Mystery #4) by Karen Vaughan

Laura and Gerry are at it again. Death finds them close to home when a tenant is found in the dumpster behind their apartment building. Laura is thrust into the “who killed Denny?” mystery while she does battle with a tenant and dodges a school janitor. The life of a college student is never boring, but she wishes it would be!
Dead Men Don’t Swing is a biting, funny, deliciously bawdy, and fast-paced murder mystery in which “death by sexual misadventure and a wayward poisonous snake” (among other things) make for pure entertainment gold.”


The “corpse magnet” is back!

Dead Men Don’t Swing is Karen Vaughan’s bawdy, comedic take on amateur sleuthing. It’s book four in her Laura & Gerry Mystery series. Lots…

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“Plenty of action, blood, and gore as needed in any good zombie thriller.” – Viral Storm: A Dystopian Zombie Apocalypse Thriller (Viral Series Book 2) by Jade Lazlow

Line Blurb

“The sores forming with unholy speed on Harley’s arms and legs confirmed the infection was spreading. Its poison surged through her veins with such momentum that she could feel its sting in the current of her pulse. Unrelenting pain seared every cell, and she struggled to maintain focus, despite the fever raging in her blood.” – Viral StormViral Storm continues the story of Casey Williams and her friends attempting to flee the country and expose the evil work of BioGenetics, creators of the virus that spawned the zombie apocalypse. Euthanizing her best friend, who’d been infected with the virus, was the most soul-crushing thing Casey could have imagined, but that was nothing compared to what happens next… Like the first book in the series, Viral Dawn, Viral Storm has gore, violence, and dark themes common in zombie apocalyptic fiction, but the book focuses more on the characters’ lives than other…

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“Darnell Keeps the 60s Breathing With a Little Help from Private Detective Carson Reno” – Murder and More: Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 14 by Gerald W. Darnell

Line Blurb

All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
Carson’s feud with a local crime reporter continues, and then suddenly the husband of his client is brutally murdered – a husband he’s been hired to investigate. Mysterious characters weave a web of blackmail and suspense while leaving Carson with more clients than he can handle.
The Memphis police have warned Carson to back off, but an employee of a friend is missing from a murder scene and he’s determined to find her and the killer.
Follow Carson to New Orleans, Humboldt, Memphis, and Florida where he chases numerous suspects trying to track down a missing person and the killer he’s been hired to find.
Enjoy this unusual adventure for Carson Reno, as he struggles to solve the case of

‘Murder and More’

Mr. Richard Lw Bunning

Darnell Keeps the…

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