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Do you love K-Dramas? So do I!  – My K-Drama Coloring Book -1: (For Teens, Adults, & Seniors) by Kirsten Campbell

Do you love K-Dramas? So do I! That’s why I created My K-Drama Coloring Book -1. Thirty beautiful coloring pages with cute K-drama couples, and gorgeous backgrounds to color! Sixty pages total! (30 Pages intentionally left blank so color doesn’t filter through.) Spend your nights watching K-Dramas and your days coloring pages and pages of sweet K-Drama couples.

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“Plenty of drama, and a touch of suspense and a HEA in a beautiful Victorian setting” – Last Chance Christmas: A Fairfield Corners Novella by L.A. Remenicky

From the outside, Brent Halston and Jordan McKenna had the perfect life: the house, the dog, fulfilling careers, and their love. However, Jordan’s past refused to leave her alone, threatening to destroy all they had built together. Without explanation, Jordan pushed Brent out of her life, leaving him devastated and confused.In an attempt to start over, Brent relocated to Fairfield Corners, bought an extravagant house, and mourned the loss of his Jojo. To keep herself from drowning in her own grief, Jordan gave everything she had to her career as a doctor, running the free clinic on the rough side of town. As the holiday season approached, a frantic phone call from Jordan’s brother pulled Brent back into Jordan’s life, giving them the opportunity to reconnect. Battling the past and present, their love must survive secrets and betrayal, giving them one last chance to be together.

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5 Stars for Last Chance Christmas


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Follow all the fantastic, sexy guys in the Nice Ink Series – Nice Ink (5 book series) by Trish Edmisten

From Book 1:

For the last five years, Heath Mitchell’s only priority has been running a successful tattoo shop. Relationships haven’t been on his radar, but as his thirtieth birthday gets closer, Heath realizes just how lonely he is. Like an answer to his prayers, Ned Nice comes into his shop. Despite the instant attraction between them, a dark secret in Ned’s past makes him afraid to get too close to Heath. Ned isn’t the only one with secrets though. Heath is hiding a secret so big it could be a deal-breaker. Can Heath and Ned find a way to overcome the demons of their pasts, or is it insane to try?

Author’s Note: This is a 91,000-word novel with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Trigger warning: Mentions of prior sexual assault.

Christy Reed


This book was so good! Loved Heath and Ned and all the characters that…

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Is this really the last session or will this healthy-again family suffer a setback of epic proportion? – Monica (The M Series: Book Six) by Ryanne Anthony

A lot was revealed when The Harvey-Reed-Cannon family first sat down with therapist Victoria Fields…During that session, Monica Sumner-Harvey revealed to her husband, Tom, that she was an FBI agent; a fact that a few family members already knew. After reading the books containing the stories of how other family members survived several past events in their lives, Monica decides to tell everything in her own book, surprising Dr. Fields.
Dr. Fields and her husband, Tim, tirelessly worked with the family for months and finally feel they all function well as a family again, so she prepares for the final family session but with the new book of Monica’s, that may change.
Dr. Fields leads what everyone believes is the last session, and Monica’s book is shared. The contents shock everyone to tears, turmoil, and fresh pain.
Is this really the last session or will this healthy-again family suffer a…

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Surprises are quite pleasant when least expected. – The Throuple with Love (Clere’s Restaurant Book 4) by Pamela Akerson

Line Blurb

Surprises are quite pleasant when least expected.

Trouble with a three in front.

Betty was in love with Bruce, but she had to keep the relationship at bay. She wanted the solid happily-ever-after but couldn’t waver from what her heart needed. She enjoyed women too, and wasn’t about to do anything behind his back. Surprises were quite pleasant when least expected, especially if it worked in her favor.

Could she have her cake and eat it, too?

Line buy links

The Throuple with Love (Clere's Restaurant Book 4)

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Amazon – FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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Follow Rainbow as he tries to rebuild the friendships and trust that he has broken through all his prideful acts. – Rainbow Learns the Golden Rule by Mary Clark Dalton and illustrated by Michael Fuller

In this, the last of the Rainbow series, Rainbow learns the hard way that it’s not much fun to be the strongest, most beautiful butterfly if you do not have friends to share it with. After a time of showing off and a little taunting of his own, Rainbow finally learns the Golden Rule. He must treat other butterflies the way he would like to be treated. Follow Rainbow as he tries to rebuild friendships and trust that he has broken through all his prideful acts.


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“Even paradise has a lot of problems, but the author makes it intriguing” – JAMAICA DEAD: LAURA & GERRY SERIES (LAURA & GERRY MYSTERIES Book 5) by Karen Vaughan

Laura and Gerry head to Jamaica for a celebratory trip. Once again Laura, despite her best efforts, gets in the middle of a murder investigation when a fellow tourist is killed. Drug smugglers, voodoo priestess, and ugly dudes oh my!!!! The dead guy was a jerk but did he really deserve Eshu?

By P.S. Winn

Even paradise has a lot of problems, but the author makes it intriguing.

If you haven’t read a book by this author, grab this, and if you have, you will already know you have to have another mystery, suspense from this author. Laura and Gerry are back and headed to Jamaica. Of course, with Laura, you have to have murder, mystery, and a bit of fun. Donavon and Becky Mitchell are also headed to the same resort and although not Laura and Gerry’s first choice for friends they do get to know each other and…

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“Reading this book kept you wondering who the sociopath really is.” – Reasonable Doubts: A Mariner’s Bluff Mini-Mystery – Book #1 (Mariner’s Bluff Mini-Mysteries) by Jade Lazlow

Sociopaths can fool anyone. Despite their superficial charm, most of what they do and say is designed to manipulate. Even those closest to them don’t see it coming.

Viv Drewa

Who is the real sociopath?

Reading this book kept you wondering who the sociopath really is. Was it the convicted Jonathan? His mother-in-law? His wife, Susan?
You’ll have to read it to find out.
I highly recommend this amazing book!

Barnes & Noble

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“Cops and mobsters are just the beginning and filled with twists and unpredictability, this is a magnificent story” – The Disappearance of Robin Murat (Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 19) by Gerald W. Darnell

Line Blurb

All Carson Reno books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any order.
Carson has been hired to locate a client’s missing brother, and it quickly gets complicated.
Somehow the missing brother is linked to a gangster who has stolen thousands from the mafia, but that link isn’t clear. Carson’s search doesn’t turn up the brother, but it does turn up a body – the body of a gangster who was on a mission of murder.
It seems that the Memphis Mafia and the Memphis Police are also searching for his client’s brother. Finding him first becomes a real priority.
The pursuit takes him to New Orleans, where a whole new mystery unfolds, which puts Carson in some very serious danger.
Then, if possible, things get worse.
More bodies appear while the Mafia chases their money, and it seems people are not who they claim to…

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“Edge of your seat, holiday adventure! Page turner for sure!” – Christmas at Star Lake (Madison Rand) (Volume 2) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Line Blurb

Madison Rand runs Rand Solutions, an unusual and very helpful agency in the beautiful town of Silver Maple, New York. The police inform her that her highly qualified, specialized employees are targeted by a professional killer and being picked off, one by one. To save their lives, she closes down her business, sends them all away, and retreats to a friend’s cabin at Star Lake to figure out who is after them and why. Danger follows her to the cabin in the woods at Star Lake, where an old ghost from her past reappears on Christmas Eve, hellbent on revenge, and the madman tracks her through the underground caves at the lake. Shots are fired. A body drops to the ground. Is it Kyle Miller, the love of her life, who followed her to the cabin to propose on Christmas Eve? The air is thick with treachery and deceit. The…

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