Carson Reno has a new adventure – “Shadow and Lies” (Carson Reno Mystery Series – Book 16) by Gerald W. Darnell

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All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
What happens when a rich client, three beautiful women, a shifty businessman, a gambler and a missing spouse are all suspected of murder? The results are a merry-go-round of shadows and lies in a house of cards with clues almost as old as Carson.
Greed, blackmail, infidelity, murder, serial killers and a twenty-year-old crime spin a tale that is practically unbelievable – with the truth masked behind a story that nobody wants told.
This old fashion ‘whodunit’ takes Carson Reno and his crew on a complicated adventure, which has too many victims and too many suspects.
Come along and help Carson find the clues and discover the truth as he tries to make sense of all the Shadows and Lies.




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Soulless and exiled from Heaven the Dark Knights have not abandoned their duty – “His Soul to Hold” (The Dark Nights of Heaven, Book 2) by TW Knight

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For millennia they’ve battled demons, protecting human kind from Lucifer’s servants. Less than a year ago hundreds of demons escaped Hell worldwide, stretching the Knights resources to their limits. Now they face the greatest challenge of all—discovering love.
Breanna Thorn spent the last ten years fighting demons with her twin brother Sam, and she’s damn good at it. But at twenty-three all she really wants is a normal life with dating, college, and quiet. To balance the life she wants and the life she has, Bree studies demons and other supernatural creatures in hopes of better understanding the enemy. When she meets fallen angel Bass, Bree encounters a complication she never saw coming—love.
Bass’ persona of hedonism begins to crumble when he meets Breanna. She’s beautiful, intelligent, a kick ass fighter and the vessel for his immortal soul. He knows he’s no good for her but no…

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“The Boyfriend Agreement” by Seven Steps is releasing September 19, 2017 – you can pre-order it for 99c/99p

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Seven the boyfriend agreement 14

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You can pre-order
“The Boyfriend Agreement”
by Seven Steps at:



Barnes and Noble


24 Symbols


Angus and Robertson



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Tori Farrell’s life is one wild story – “Captive” (A New Life Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey

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209d6-line2b8Sam Captive

You can find
(A New Life Novel, Book 1)
by Samantha Jacobey at:

Amazon – FREE on
Kindle Unlimited

Apple iBooks – Audio
Barnes & Noble

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Ryanne Anthony’s new book “I Wish I Wasn’t…” is now live!

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Ryanne iwiw 7
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At thirty, Lauren Ryals was a successful single woman with a biological clock that ticked like a time bomb.
Truthfully, the ticking started a few years before, but the closer she got to her thirtieth birthday, the harder it was to ignore, so Lauren decided to try adoption.
Enter her old high school friend, Tevin Frazier, expressing his willingness to help her with that problem the old fashioned way.
Lauren dreamed of a life with her high school beau, Gator, but he didn’t feel the same; he went his way soon after he graduated. Accepting this is the only way she will become a mother, Tevin and Lauren enter an agreement and have children.
At a friend’s wedding festivities, Lauren and Gator cross paths again, and he reveals he wanted more than her body, but due to the rampant rumors about her, he…

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Love is the silver lining in a cloud of woe. The legacy continues… “Wilderness Bound” (The Wilderness Series, Book #3) by Pamela Ackerson

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Pam wilderness bound blurb
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You can find
“Wilderness Bound”
(The Wilderness Series, Book #3)
by Pamela Ackerson at:





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Will Mondoani choose her magic wisely? – “The Choosing” (The Memory Keepers) by Marta Moran Bishop