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“Between the Trees”, by Kathy Moczerniak, is a heart-wrenching yet hope-filled novel about a young woman’s search for safety, normalcy, and happiness.” – Between the Trees by Kathy Moczerniak

Beyond Kathryn Lucas’ first memory of her father’s tree lay a dysfunctional path of violence, heartbreak, and secrets within a family severely entrenched in the vicious cycle of abuse. A lifetime of fear drives her from her home, and the teenage girl finds refuge with an aunt and uncle determined to protect their niece.

Distressing flashbacks unravel in Kathryn’s fragile mind among the turmoil encircling her as she struggles through adolescence and descends into her pain-ridden past. When the summation of her unsettling memories allows the darkness to overtake her, she becomes desperate to unearth the light.

Inspired by a true story, Kathryn must hold on tightly to those who love her, searching for her place in a world threatening to break her as she fights to overcome life’s betrayals before she is deprived of her future.

Gail Bauser

Touching and Insightful

“Between the Trees”, by Kathy Moczerniak, is a…

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“Sexy Cop and Sweet Tattoo Artist” – Ride or Die (Nice Ink Book 2) by Trish Edmisten

Flynn Murphy doesn’t need a man, especially not the cocky and confident Derek Nice. So what if Derek is a cop? Flynn learned a long time ago that just because someone is supposed to do the right thing doesn’t mean he will. Trusting someone is a mistake he’s never repeating again. Derek isn’t worried that Flynn isn’t letting him getcloseyet. All Derek needs is onechanceto show Flynn how good they can be together. And he’s not stopping until he gets it. This is a 78K word story with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.
Trigger Warning: This story deals with childhood sexual abuse. All instances occur off-page but are discussed in detail by the MC.

JL Austin

Sexy Cop and Sweet Tattoo Artist

Oh my god. This book. All the feels. ALL. THE. FEELS. After running across the recommendation for Trish Edmisten in another author’s Facebook group I read book…

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She wasn’t looking for Mr. Right, but Embree Walters may have met the man that was meant for her. – Yours: Book II of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

She wasn’t looking for Mr. Right, but Embree Walters may have met the man that was meant for her… Embree was born into money. She is the daughter of a successful actor and an heiress mother. She needs nothing but her career, which she loves, though it upsets her parents to the point of never mentioning her name in public to protect her. At a party, thrown to entice her father to portray a part in a much-anticipated movie, she meets producer Matthias Royce; a man who knows what he wants and how to get it; and that is currently Embree. Embree and Matthias agree to a one-night stand. The morning after, Embree disappears, and when Matthias runs into her weeks later, he makes it clear one night was not enough for him. Embree disagrees, but a determined Matthias is willing to do whatever is necessary to change her mind…

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“I really enjoyed this book.” – I Was Just a Radioman by Pamela Ackerson

Line Blurb

In 1940, still in high school, Henry P. Lawrence joined the Navy Reserves. Little did he know that a year later, in May of 1941, he’d be called to service and deployed to Hawaii. No one believed the Japanese would be aggressive enough to attack a U.S. territory. Their plan…to cripple the United States military. The attack on Pearl came hard and fast. I Was Just a Radioman is a collection of the memoirs of ARM Henry P. Lawrence, a WW II Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat, and decorated war veteran.

John Wurst

Great Memories!

I really enjoyed this book. I served as an Aircrewman too. I flew in the EC-130Q and E-6A while attached to Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron THREE at Barbers Point, Hawaii. Thank you for your service to America Master Chief ARM Lawrence.

Line buy links

#ASMSG, #iartg, #bookboost, #bynr

Barnes & Noble

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Welcome to My Weekly Anime Journal by Kirsten Campbell

At Seven Mermaids Press LLC., we noticed a need for a Weekly Anime Journal that was in tune with the needs of our modern society. My Weekly Anime Journal was created for you to use daily.
Write your favorite episodes by month, date, and year, chronicling your viewing choices and your favorites by week and then by month. At the end of each month, write down your favorite anime, and then at the end of the year, list your favorite for the year! No more forgetting which anime was the best. Keep up with your anime adventures with My Weekly Anime Journal!

My Weekly Anime Journal-1


My Weekly Anime Journal – 2


My Weekly Anime Journal-3 


My Weekly Anime Journal-4


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Follow along with Rainbow on his adventure in Rainbow’s Promise – Rainbow’s Promise by Mary Clark Dalton

Being the last caterpillar in his class to receive his wings causes poor Rainbow’s classmates to tease him. He dreams of being beautiful colors and flying with his friends. But his mom tells him to be patient and look for things that only a caterpillar can do. Follow along with Rainbow on his adventure in Rainbow’s Promise.

Amazon – FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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“Intriguing and suspenseful” – Blood Master (Book 1 of the G.O.D.S Series) by Award-Winning Author Kirsten Campbell

The G.O.D. series must be read inorder

It’s 2052 and Earth has lost two-thirds of its population to the Great War. Many more lives were lost to earthquakes, the CloverVirus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors were clumped into factions. Two of the factions, the Guild and the Brotherhood, have fought over medicalsuppliesandfoodfor years. The fight is coming to a head as manpower dwindles, and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children…
Griffin Storm is hiding out in Underground Atlanta. He’s an albino man that can manipulate glass and crystal, and he uses his special abilities to raid warehouses and old buildings for food and supplies for the abandoned children thatliveunderground. During a raid, he meets Tassta Vinetti, a resident of the Brotherhood fortress. He is taken to the fortress and chaos ensues as Tassta, her twin brother Penn, and her uncle, try…

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“I give this book Five Golden Glasses of Wine: DRINK UP AT YOUR OWN RISK!” – Dead to Writes (A Gibbons and Fitz Investigation, #7) by Karen Vaughan

Natalie Fisher committed suicide after an author stole her work and published it as her own. Two years later, her best friend Terri is found dead in her hotel room. Are the two deaths connected? Laura Fitz and Detective Gibbons are on the case to trap a ruthless author trying to get away with murder!

P.S Winn

Karen Vaughan has written up another winner!

Laura Fritz is back along with the characters I have come to love from this author’s other books in the series. This time, Laura meets a couple of authors. Natalie, Silvie, and Terri were close friends and struggled to be authors. When two of the women die mysteriously, Laura gets involved and the adventure to solve a mystery begins. Karen Vaughan writes no-frills stories with amazing and believable characters. Grabbing a book by this author is like sitting down with an old friend and having a…

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“Reading this book kept you wondering who the sociopath really is.” – Reasonable Doubts: A Mariner’s Bluff Mini-Mystery – Book #1 (Mariner’s Bluff Mini-Mysteries) by Jade Lazlow

Sociopaths can fool anyone. Despite their superficial charm, most of what they do and say is designed to manipulate. Even those closest to them don’t see it coming.

Viv Drewa

Who is the real sociopath?

Reading this book kept you wondering who the sociopath really is. Was it the convicted Jonathan? His mother-in-law? His wife, Susan?
You’ll have to read it to find out.
I highly recommend this amazing book!


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“Just when you think you know who the killer is, there is a twist and you are left scratching your head….wondering….a real “Whodunit”. “– Murder in Humboldt (Carson Reno Mystery Series, Book 1) by Gerald W. Darnell

All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
The year is 1962 and this small west Tennessee town has been turned upside down by a labor strike at its main manufacturing plant. It seems that, as a result of the strike, some very serious underworld crime problems have surfaced in Humboldt. A small-town sheriff and small-town Chief of Police have their hands full dealing with the strike – when the worst happens – one of the principal figures surrounding the labor problems is murdered. Carson Reno is very familiar with Humboldt – after all, he grew up and went to high school there. But Carson has a successful private investigation business in Memphis and no desire or reason to get involved. However, circumstances pull him into the turmoil and a situation that grows more dangerous every day. By…

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