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Two amazing books by L.A. Remenicky from the Fairfield Corners Series: For The Love of Bette (Fairfield Corners Book 4) and Violet Serenade (Fairfield Corners Book 5)

Rescued from an uncertain fate by a handsome doctor, Bette Watson found herself stranded in
Fairfield Corners. When she was able to return to her home in Denver a few days later she was disappointed the doctor hadn’t asked her to stay.

Dr. Mark Fairfield regretted letting Bette go back to Denver but he knew she deserved lasting happiness, not the short-term happiness that plagued the members of his family. Even thousands of miles apart he felt the pull between them. Allowing himself to dream, he called Bette and their relationship grew long distance with hours-long phone calls.

When her dream to own her own curio shop became a reality she decided to take a chance and follow her dream in the small Indiana town. But, even the sweetest dreams can turn dark. As her relationship with Mark grew, there was a voice in her head warning her away from…

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“Sexy Cop and Sweet Tattoo Artist” – Ride or Die (Nice Ink Book 2) by Trish Edmisten

Flynn Murphy doesn’t need a man, especially not the cocky and confident Derek Nice. So what if Derek is a cop? Flynn learned a long time ago that just because someone is supposed to do the right thing doesn’t mean he will. Trusting someone is a mistake he’s never repeating again. Derek isn’t worried that Flynn isn’t letting him getcloseyet. All Derek needs is onechanceto show Flynn how good they can be together. And he’s not stopping until he gets it. This is a 78K word story with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.
Trigger Warning: This story deals with childhood sexual abuse. All instances occur off-page but are discussed in detail by the MC.

JL Austin

Sexy Cop and Sweet Tattoo Artist

Oh my god. This book. All the feels. ALL. THE. FEELS. After running across the recommendation for Trish Edmisten in another author’s Facebook group I read book…

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Devin and Mona become engaged, to everyone’s delight, except Sean’s – Ours: Book IV of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

Mona Tyler decided she was going to be best the personal assistant ever trained.
After her year-long preparation with agent/manager/producer extraordinaire Barney Howell, he places her with hot and sexy actor Sean Andrews. While working with Sean at his home, Mona meets handsome and equally sexy Devin Reynolds, a member of Sean’s landscaping team, who wants nothing more than to be with Mona.
Devin and Mona become engaged, to everyone’s delight, except Sean; he waited too long to make a play for Mona. After a fight with Devin, Mona and Sean are intimate, and soon, she finds herself pregnant, and all three anxiously wait to see which man can say to Mona, ‘the baby is OURS.’

Line buy links

Ryanne Ours.jpg

#contemporary, #romance, #interracial, #multicultural,#indieauthor, #indiepromo, #authorpromo


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“This is a delightful story about friendship and lessons learned while growing up” – Shadow’s Unexpected Adventure by Mary Clark Dalton, Illustrated by Adrienne Anderson

Shadow, a redwing blackbird, and Bright, a bluebird, were best friends. The two were always swapping stories about their exciting adventures while they were apart during the winter season. All too soon, the weather would turn cool and the two birds would realize that their fun times were coming to a close for a few months. That is, unless they could come up with a plan!
The two birds put their heads together asking, “Can we really trade places? What could go wrong?”
Follow Shadow and Bright as they find out that adventures do not always turn out as planned!

Kathy Ellingson

It is beautifully illustrated as well

This is a delightful story about friendship and lessons learned while growing up. It is beautifully illustrated as well! Inspirational for aspiring young writers and artists. Highly recommended for all ages!

Amazon – FREE on Kindle Unlimited
Barnes & Noble

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Perfect for Valentine’s Day – My K-Drama Coloring Book -1: (For Teens, Adults, & Seniors) by Kirsten Campbell

Do you love K-Dramas? So do I! That’s why I created My K-Drama Coloring Book -1. Thirty beautiful coloring pages with cute K-drama couples, and gorgeous backgrounds to color! Sixty pages total! (30 Pages intentionally left blank so color doesn’t filter through.) Spend your nights watching K-Dramas and your days coloring pages and pages of sweet K-Drama couples.

dystopian #bestseller #bookbooster

Amazon – Paperback

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“​A MURDER MYSTERY TO DIE FOR!!!!” – Over Her Dead Body by Karen Vaughan

Take one beautiful vindictive woman….she’s 1 part bimbo and 2 parts lethal gangsta- gun moll.
Watch her try and hold onto her 84-year-old husband by having his octogenarian paramour knocked off. Sometimes greed and jealousy lead to the last resort ……MURDER!
Laura, Gerry, and Gibbons try to stop her from also killing her husband, without getting themselves knocked off in the process!…

​M. M. Bishop author of Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal & The Divide Series


​Karen Vaughan has once again given us a dynamite murder mystery in book two of her Laura & Gerry Murder Mystery series.
Take one trashy, gold-digger, psychotic woman, with a mob boss for a daddy, and a jealous streak that would make any normally insane woman look like a saint. Throw in flying melons, baseball bats, and a sweet, gentle, rich elderly man, and Laura (corpse magnet) soon…

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“Reading this book kept you wondering who the sociopath really is.” – Reasonable Doubts: A Mariner’s Bluff Mini-Mystery – Book #1 (Mariner’s Bluff Mini-Mysteries) by Jade Lazlow

Sociopaths can fool anyone. Despite their superficial charm, most of what they do and say is designed to manipulate. Even those closest to them don’t see it coming.

Viv Drewa

Who is the real sociopath?

Reading this book kept you wondering who the sociopath really is. Was it the convicted Jonathan? His mother-in-law? His wife, Susan?
You’ll have to read it to find out.
I highly recommend this amazing book!

Barnes & Noble

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“Carson Reno is the best detective in the world!” – Horse Tales (Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 4) by Gerald W. Darnell

Line Blurb

All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
It was a disaster beyond most people’s comprehension.
There was nothing left standing of the barn, it had burned completely to the ground. Among the rubble and smoking wood, you could see the smoking corpses – which had once been some of the finest thoroughbred stallions in the Tennessee and Kentucky area.
Unnoticed, among these ruins, were the burned remains of Aaron Nunamaker, owner of ‘Nunamaker Stables, and one of the best-known horse breeders and stud farm owners in West Tennessee.
Killing a human being brings the wrath of the law and the accompanying sorrow and grief from loved ones. Killing a helpless animal brings wrath that is unequaled to that associated with killing a person. This sorrow and grief continue long after the grief over human loss has left. Mankind will…

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“I was expecting a suspenseful romance but it really was a thrill ride full of unexpected twists.” – Bentley Square (Time After Time) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Strangers meet on the train. She, a beautiful, wealthy businesswoman. He, a down-on-his-luck office manager. They have nothing in common. And yet, they are drawn to each other with an undeniable hypnotic magnetism. This is the story of Rebecca Robbins, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the country, and Mark Ramsay, a man shrouded in dark mystery and hiding in the shadows

Kindle Customer

Great Reads

This was such a surprising read. I was expecting a suspenseful romance but it really was a thrill ride full of unexpected twists. The characters are unique and nothing is as it seems. Even the secondary characters grab your attention. As the story unfolded I truly loved that there were stakes that went so far beyond will they won’t fall in love. That said the romance was perfect. There was a bond there that surpassed the natural and really Mark was just…

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“This was an amazing story full of romance and a chance encounter.” – Evangeline: A Christmas Romance by Angela Gray

Ten long years since she arrived in New York from Canada. Ten years since she ran away from what she thought would be her future. Forced to go home to escape a nasty situation, Evangeline comes face to face with her past and the one person that she never wanted to see. Shane is there, and it seems he isn’t ready to back down this time. Things are getting hot in chilly Canada.

Viv Drewa

I loved this story!

This was an amazing story full of romance and a chance encounter.
Evangeline hasn’t seen her family for Christmas for 10 years and because of problems in her New York office decides to go home to Canada. On the way, a snowstorm hits and she stays at a hotel until the storm is over.
One reason she didn’t want to go home and she was afraid she would run into her…

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