“Infidelity, partying, and drugs was a musician’s mandatory lifestyle.” – “Mine: Book 3 of the PlayNISE Series” by Ryanne Anthony

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Infidelity, partying, and drugs was a musician’s mandatory lifestyle.Candiss Ford thought dating a rock star was insane; she believed every cliché attached to them. Then she met Eclipse lead singer NiXX Williams…After proposing to Candiss, NiXX meets an aspiring model named Farren Wade, who offers the rocker something too tempting for him to resist.During a chance meeting, Candiss learns of the relationship between her fiancé and the model. Thinking that’s a typical, inevitable occurrence in NiXX’s circle -rockers and models coupling- she decides she’d rather feel the heartache now, and sets NiXX free to be with the woman she believed he preferred: the lovely Farren. NiXX is left wondering if he’ll ever call the woman he loved, MINE.

860db-line2b10Ryanne Mine

“Mine: Book 3 of the PlayNISE Series” 
by Ryanne Anthony
Can be found at:

Angus and Robertson
Apple iBooks

Barnes & Noble



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“Another excellent story from Carol Ann Kauffman” – “Waiting for Richard” (Time After Time Series) by Carol Ann Kauffman

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Carol waiting for richard blurb 2-19-18.jpg

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5-star review

Waiting For Richard

Another excellent story from Carol Ann Kauffman. This time Richard and Nicole are an elderly pair who have recently met but have been missing their other half for their entire lives. Nicole is a children’s author trying to track down her friend’s brother and Richard is working with elephants in an Australian zoo.

This book isn’t just a love story. There’s a little bit of mystery and intrigue added in too. And the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly. I was willing Nicole (Skye) to make the correct choice and choose to be with Richard – not break both their hearts by being too afraid to take a leap and be with him. Does she? You’ll have to read it and find out 😉

860db-line2b10Carol Waiting for Richard Time After Time

“Waiting for Richard”
(Time After Time Series)
by Carol Ann Kauffman
Can be found at:

Amazon –…

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“A beautifully written book…” – “A Maiden’s Honor” (The Woman from Eden Book 1) by Josanna Thompson

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Josanna maidens honor blurb 2-19-18.jpg

5-star reviewBy Charlene Thomas
A beautifully written book involving a different kind of NDS of people with different nationality and faith and how they interacted with each other when they first met and as they learned what was most important in life
Josanna A Maiden's Honor-The Woman from Eden Book 1.jpg

“A Maiden’s Honor”
(The Woman from Eden Book 1)
by Josanna Thompson
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“AMAZING- LOVED every minute of this book!” – “Eve of Destruction” (Soldiers of Destruction Series, Book 1) by E. Kay Sims

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e kay eve of destruction 3
I’m Capt. Eve Stone and I’m a cyborg. I woke up in a top-secret lab with no memory of my past, except that I was once human. They erased my memory, more than once. I’m more machine than human now, but once my sleep cycle begins, my memories from my human life return, and so do those of a man with stormy silver eyes. He haunts my dreams, and something in me knows he’s the key to my human identity. I need to remember…
I’m SSgt Wyatt Powell, former USAF Military Training Instructor at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX. I met and fell in love with Airman Katica Hajek nineteen years ago. A relationship between us was against the rules. But she agreed to explore our explosive relationship anyway. I thought I lost her, but now I am not so sure.
Eve of Destruction is Book One…

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“Murder Magnet With Mystery and Intrigue and A Sense of Humor” – “Left for Dead” (Laura & Gerry Mystery #6) by Karen Vaughan

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5-star review

John Kurtze

LEFT FOR DEAD is a fast moving mystery thriller full of action, well-developed characters, a witty protagonist, and surprises. Karen Vaughan introduces her main protagonist Laura Fitz providing readers her history, including details of Laura’s nose for investigating crimes as a CSI and her reputation for attracting dead bodies. Vaughan continues to share details of her other protagonist giving readers details of Laura’s husband Gerry. The author updates her readers giving them what has transpired series to date including details of Laura and Gerry expecting their first child in two months. Due to her pregnancy, she is only working in the CSI lab and not visiting any crime scenes. The pace of the storyline picks up momentum when Gerry finds his cousin badly beaten and near death.

Vaughan introduces support characters who add twists and turns to the main plot and she creates subplots…

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“Another Exciting Page-Turner” – “The Long Road Home” by Carolyn M. Bowen

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Carolyn long road home#TheLongRoadHome – #CrimeFiction #Mystery #Suspense #Crime #RomanticSuspense
5-star review

Another Exciting Page-Turner
By Amazon Customer
Oh, how I enjoyed reading, The Long Road Home. It was one way for me to sit and relax reading a story full of suspense, and everyday drama that many have endured in ‘real life.’ Oh, the secrets, deceits, and suspense kept me ‘on my feet’ – Yes, another page-turner.

I also loved how there were no unnecessary interruptions between scenes. It takes a highly skilled writer who can craft a story such as this one with so many categories (suspense, drama, action, mystery, and deception) all rolled into one, and the reader never misses a beat. Yes, I believe the story flowed well without scene divisions, and I was very happy to plunge right through reading along as I was able to keep up with the storyline, characters, and their motives within this well-written story.


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“An interesting take on a dystopian world that drew me in from the first chapter.” – “Blood Master” (Book 1 of the G.O.D.S Series) by Kirsten Campbell

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Kirsten blood master blurb 2-19-18.jpg#DYSTOPIAN #BESTSELLER #BOOKBOOSTER

5-star reviewAn interesting take on a dystopian world that drew me in from the first chapter.
By Ashley Uzzell
An interesting take on a dystopian world that drew me in from the first chapter. The main characters are fleshed out so well that we follow their exploits with great interest. The details we are given about their lives, their thoughts, and their feelings make them real for the reader, and that’s exactly what I look for in a book.
The story itself is complicated but intriguing, keeping me glued to the pages to find out what happens next. I won’t give anything away, but let’s just say that I am rooting for the albino! If Book Two is half as good as this one, it will be a wonderful adventure indeed.860db-line2b10Kirsten Blood Master.jpg

“Blood Master”
(Book 1 of The G.O.D.s Series)
by Kirsten Campbell
Can be found at:


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