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Gothic Gates series by R.M.Simone’ A classic

hidden darker side NOIR GOTH within a modern romance.

STEPPING into the WORLD of GOTHIC GATES series by R.M.Simone’ Goth, modern romance and a NOIR back story classic. Oh, yes, an IMMORTAL called DANTE’…
No one does romance like Dante does. Samantha Devon has no idea what she has been brought into. Masks, a world of Gothic Enterprising covering his true nature and hidden life. Dante’ sits in the 13th chair in his secret Board Meeting group of business men that are immortals playing a global game of light and dark moves.
INTRIGUED? Well read the first 33 pages free or listen to an excerpt of Gothic Gates book 1.


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GUISE. Her Dreams and Visions were constantly taking her into another world showing her this Astral picture of mist around exchanges and events yet to happen… It was becoming harder and harder to stay grounded in this reality of the waking day functioning of life.

Now what?

Succumb to the floating wispy world of alternate dreams that might be created from wishes or ideas not fulfilled? Does that make any sense?

Floating along in the ethereal images of feelings?

Spirit and Dreams….

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“Daytona Dead” by Karen Vaughan – an Excerpt and 5-Star Review

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The honeymoon of Laura and Gerry Fitz is off to a fast-paced yet deadly start when they arrive in Florida. There is a maniac behind the wheel who needs to win at all costs. When he wins, life is great but when he loses he is DRIVEN TO KILL!
The first victim off the starting line is Laura’s ex-husband Lou, and she is taking it personally. Mix in a creepy cop and some unexpected surprises and you have a race for your life. Who will win and who will wipe out?



I was booking it across the inner field with Ford on my heels. Gerry and Cronk tried to tackle Ford, but he managed to throw them off. I kept running with the man nipping at my heels like a wild dog. I saw Killer T coming at me from the left. I thought I was screwed.

You know the instant where it’s do or die; us or them, this was it! Ford grabbed me from behind, but I wriggled free turned around and kneed him where it counts. The first rule of thumb, taking out the jewels will take a man down faster than anything. He was on the ground writhing in agony. This gave me enough time to escape. I got into a parked race car sitting at the edge of the track. Ironically it was Ford’s car; it was just sitting there with the key in the ignition waiting to be driven. I donned the helmet strapped myself in and turned the key. The engine roared to life, and we hit the track. I heard the headset in my helmet go off with someone yelling at me to get out of the car. It was Killer T.

“Stop the car Laura and no one gets hurt.”

“B.S. Ford we both know that if I stop the car and get out, you’re just going to run me over like you killed Lou.”

“Laura, we both know you really can’t drive one of those things. It’s one of those things girls shouldn’t get near.”

“Ha, maybe you should talk to Danica Patrick about that. I heard she took you out three weeks ago and showed you how the girls do it. We both know that this car can out race that bucket of bolts you’re driving Ford; so just give it up before your precious collector’s item gets hurt. I don’t suppose the old girl’s got a parachute or an ejector seat like this fine piece of machinery does, in case should you wipe out. In fact, you have overextended yourself so bad that you need dirty cops to do the work for you, just so you have something on them. I happen to know that Meecham sold you out to save his ass. But I still think he is twice the man you will ever be. He is even willing to spend a few years in prison to pay for his misdeeds on your behalf. Even Jenkins, the asshole you sicced on Meecham just to shut him up, is more of a man than you.”

“Dave Meecham wouldn’t know loyalty if it slapped him upside the head.” Ford was livid and screaming into my headset. The mic and the speaker were recording everything. This system was in place in case of an accident and a driver needing help. Right now it was becoming a taped confession of all Ford’s crimes. I said anything I could think of, to enrage the man and make him spill out the whole affair.

“What happened with the first guy on the beach? Why did he have to die? Did he see you passing off fake ID to a courier? Was it just an unfortunate accident or did he dare to breathe on your precious wheels? Don’t lie, Ford, I saw Lou’s pictures.”

I could hear the anger even in his breathing; I was getting to him, but I wasn’t quite finished with my tirade. I need closure from this ordeal, and the dead needed justice. So I continued to harangue him with what I knew. “What about poor young Rueben, who won’t have the chance to finish college or get married and have kids. You even went as far as letting on that Cronk was responsible for his death. Meecham had the foresight to admit his wrongdoing in Rueben’s death, showing more balls than you possess.”

“I tried to protect Cronk by sending him off to the Caribbean. The ungrateful S.O.B. pays me back by turning on me. He’s damn lucky I have an important race to run, or I would have killed him too.” There, I had him, and I think he knew it. He sped up and tried to rear-end me like he had done on the highway when Gibbons and Janice were visiting.

I was finishing up my fifth lap when I noticed the Chevy up my tail pipe. Geez for an old car she had some guts to her. I also noticed that I was in need of a fill up and a tire change too. Once I stopped the car, though, Killer would be able to get at me. I’d give it one more lap and see how far I would get before the gas, or the tire would give out. I was in luck I heard the sirens coming, so I yanked the wheel and caused the race car spin out. With any luck, the police would get to him before he could finish me off with either his gun or his car. My can of hair spray was no match for either at this point. With a final prayer and a plea for awesome karma, I hit the brake hard enough to spin out faster than the Chevy could stop. Luckily for me Killer T smashed into the passenger side of the car, allowing me to get out and run like hell, right into Gerry’s arms.



“It was great! I loved it”  by Jodi

This review is from Daytona Dead (Paperback)

I Started reading this book, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished, it was great! I loved it, from beginning to end full of mystery and surprises! I can’t wait to read more of Karen Vaughan’s books…



You can buy “Daytona Dead” by Karen Vaughan at:






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New to the show, Anna Celeste Burke, author of All Hallow’s Eve Heist, Love Notes in the Key of Sea, Gnarly New Year and many more.

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Also chatting with us, a good friend and another Red River Radio host, Karen Vaughan, author of Jamaica Dead, Daytona Dead, Left for Dead, Holmes in America and much more.


Karen and Anna are also featured in a cooperative book set called Mysteries Gone Mad.


Rachel Rueben is an old hand at the talk show, though she’s usually the silent minority. Today, we’re making her talk about her books Hag, Eternal Bond and her newest venture, Fedelta.

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Magical, paranormal, akashic realities… R.M. Simone’

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GUISE’ A door between worlds opens. A karma so strong, that it bleeds into the dream time and waking visions. What transpires is see a circumstance one is walking into. Iconic building in London is the location. THE GHERKIN and on a magical Occult plot of land in the financial district activating worlds unseen floating in alternative dimensions. Is this all POSSIBLE? Her VISION is guiding her way and walking between these TWO WORLDS.


R.M.Simone’ GUISE TRILOGY and Menage A Trois and
Arc Sample of this new