Authors: What to do if Your Book gets Pirated

S.K. Nicholls

There is not a lot of recourse against the site itself, especially if the site is out of the country. If the web hosting site is U.S.A., you can send a DMCA take down letter to the web hosting site. They are under pressure to break the links of sites performing copyright infringement. You are also required to share some personal information in the letter which you should do with the hosting company NOT the offending site.

How do you find the site hosting company?

You can search domain registration on at:

Once you find the web hosting site look for their contact info or legal contact. This is usually an email address link.

Gene Quinn has a sample letter you can personalize (copy and paste into email) and send to the hosting company:

You will need the offending site’s URL for your work. Once you get…

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Use a Thesaurus

Have We Had Help?


For any writer, no matter whether or not you are new or seasoned, one thing we all have to take into account when writing a book is the use of appropriate words. There is always a danger of a writer showing off, intentionally or otherwise, by using certain words simply because he or she is familiar with them and likely uses them whenever conversing with people in his or her daily life, instead of making use of a Thesaurus, looking for alternatives.

What do I mean by this? To illustrate my point the following part of a sentence in a book I am currently re-reading by one well known author, quite literally puts words into the mouth of his chief character, which simply were not in use during the time period the story is set in. They came swarming downstream, transports filled with palace servants and slaves and all…

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What’s the deal with that hashtag thing?

Live to Write - Write to Live

Last weekend, at the blogging panel (which, by the way, was a blast) during the question and answer period, a woman asked about hashtags – “what are they?”

facebook-hashtagIf she asked that, then I figured someone else in our audience might have the same question. Here is the scoop about hashtags.

A hashtag is just that little crossed symbol on your keypad that used to be called the number sign (#).

It’s used on social media (mostly Twitter but it’s on other sites, like Facebook, as well) as a way to do searches. Hashtagged words act as keywords in a search. Think about it, how many words do you know in the English language that start with #? I’m guessing that you can’t come up with many. Because of this, hashtags are used on the internet as a way to easily do searches.

Finding information with Hashtags

Let’s say I’m…

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Interview with’s Dana Schaff

Life With Words

Bec: Tell us a little about yourself:

Dana: I’m just a working stiff who has always dreamed of being a great writer. I grew up in a family of readers and as far back as I can remember I have always loved the written word and the escapism that books provide. I grew up in small town with not a lot to do so a lot time was spent on the weekends watching Creature Feature movies and exploring my father’s extensive collection of books. The old black and white horror movies had a big influence on me and when I discovered a copy of Dracula stashed away on one of the upper shelves of a book case I was overjoyed. I plunged right in. This was my first horror novel. It was an education indeed. I quickly learned that what Hollywood had created was nothing like what was between the…

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Thinking Back

M.A.B.E. with Coleman "What I See In The Mirror"

What I saw on July 31, 2014 What I saw on July 31, 2014

For today I will skip the video and share some photographs.

My Birthday in 2010 My Birthday in 2010

This was taken in June, 2010. I was pretty tired, but obviously I had an appetite. A few months earlier I left my job because I was exhausted and needed a vacation my employer could not provide even though I was past due for my yearly. I was really tired and figured I would start part-time at an electronics retailor, heck I had managed a retail operation for two years and was the customer service champ.

july 2010
July, 2010

Lori and I, November 2010 Lori and I, November 2010

As the year passed I started to feel like crap and I was still fatigued, I knew something was wrong, seriously wrong and went to Social Security. In 2000 I was approved for disability, but chose to get a G.E.D. and attempt to find a…

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