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Happy New Year.

The holidays are over and maybe you’re thinking about your New Year’s resolution.

How about rewriting your novel by following the Feedback process? Spend more time on your passion and finish that awesome story. Being able to perform a structural edit on your own manuscript will ensure you create a great story readers will love.

In 2016 we kicked off our rewriting tips with:…

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A Writer’s Mind: Notebooks of Famous Folks

Kristen Twardowski

Though I love the flexibility that modern technology offers to writers, a bit of beauty is lost when authors create their works using computers. With that in mind, today I want to feature some of the physical remnants of the work of writers. Some of these are notebooks filled with scraps of stories, others are journals, and still others fall somewhere between. Regardless of how we define them they give us a peek into the minds of their owners.

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Jack Kerouac’s notebook from 1953, via
If you look closely, you can see that Kerouac wrote about Allen Ginsberg and Jerry Newman here.


Jennifer Egan’s diary, June-July 1981, via

Jennifer Egan Diary.jpeg

Marianne Moore’s journal, Dec. 30, 1920, via
This entry discusses Moore’s thoughts on the writing of Mina Loy.

Marianne Moore.gif

Mark Twain’s 1884 notebook, via
In true writerly style, these pages are filled with possible name ideas…

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A Little Hook

Lit World Interviews

Every writer has his or her own process. Ideas come, sometimes in the form of virtual Mack trucks that appear out of nowhere, usually at the most inopportune of times, creating the need for you to stop whatever it is that you’re doing and run away to write all that good stuff down before it disappears back to wherever it was that it came from. Kind of thing that gets us scribblers labeled as odd, at the very least. The inspiration for new stories is the easy part of writing—I have PILES of fabulous story outlines that are unlikely to ever see the light of day. Getting them going is what’s needed for them ever to become real books. Just those few first paragraphs are often all that we need to give us the push to write on through to the end.

Those first paragraphs are probably the most important…

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