Corny Dog Jokes: Skeleton Edition Part Two

Travels with Choppy

Halloween is only five days away – definitely time for another edition of Skeleton Corny Dog Jokes!

(If you missed the skeleton jokes last here, click here.)


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Free Books to celebrate Halloween!


Celebrate Halloween early with a free copy of my book, Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling!

Click HERE to get it for Kindle NOW!

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Image

Also get the rest of the Pirate Tales series FREE by clicking HERE!




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Tricks and Treats, Pt I: Free E-Books for Halloween!

J.K. Ullrich

After three days of unrepentantly nagging Amazon’s KDP helpdesk, I finally got a response about the technical problem that canceled the launch of Syzygy Pt II: Opposition Effect on Tuesday. The book went live today (if it was that easy to fix, why didn’t they do it 72 hours ago when I first notified them of the problem? Sigh). It’s now available in the Kindle store.


Amazon played an unpleasant trick on me with the delay, but in the spirit of Halloween, I’ve decided to respond with a treat for my readers. Since I couldn’t deliver Part II on the promised date, Part I: Transient Phenomena will be free in the Kindle store this weekend. The promotion runs from October 29-31. Get over there and score some free sci-fi!

Also, if you like free ebooks, be sure to stop by my blog on Halloween. There’s another special giveaway you won’t want to miss!

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