Behind the doors of the delivery room, Ashley’s mother screamed out in agony from the contractions she was having

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“Ashley Masters anxiously sat on a bench in the maternity ward of Memorial Hospital, resting her elbows on her knees and tapping one foot on the floor. She was wearing blue jeans, a white halter-top and cream flat shoes. Her light brown hair , though shoulder-length, appeared darker as if she had not washed it in three days. Ashley also looked tired however; it was in the wee hours of the morning. A nurse passed by and asked, “Are you all right?” Her voice sounded sentimental. Ashley looked up at the nurse and tried to smile.
With a hint of a Spanish accent she replied, “My mother is having a baby.” The nurse knelt down to eye level, reassuring the young girl that everything will be okay, patting one of her shoulders.
“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl,” the nurse smiled, her face looked soft.

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“Hopefully someone will show to keep me alive for another day.”

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Taylor’s fight. Prince’s of Prophecy Book 6: Sniper

Dakota walks in while I’m sitting at the table. “Your guns Brother.”
“Thanks.” I don’t know what to say and look away from him. “Thanks for stepping in last night.” “The light of day makes everything look better. You will feel it soon.” He walks out and I replay that over and over. I hope he’s fuckin right. Looking at my guns I have some doubt. I think about calling Beth and telling her what a pussy I am, but throw it out. She doesn’t need me shooting her and she sure as fuck doesn’t need another dead man in her life. She deserves to be happy. She deserves everything and I can’t even tell her I’ll be there for her tomorrow. I drop my cup in the dishwasher and get to work. Darren is at the door waiting for me to…

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The Northern Lights in the Arctic Look at the flaming lights shining high in the sky

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Hi – I’m reading “The Seven Natural Wonders Of The Earth (My First Travel Books Book 2)” by Anna Othitis, Cecelia Morgan, LionheART Publishing House and wanted to share this quote with you.

“The Northern Lights in the Arctic Look at the flaming lights shining high in the sky, like beautiful colored party ribbons they stretch and curve as we fly. Waving like dancing figures, jumping left to right, they show off their brightness in the darkness of night. Clashing together, the colors so bold. Blue, green, pink and red story is told. So light and so bright telling of their love and pride, what an amazing natural wonder, another glorious airplane ride! The energy of the Aurora are the particles in solar winds clashing together and going past the Earth. This shows beautiful different colors of light that are reflected off the white snow in the north and south…

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Taylor said nothing. She’d overreacted and she knew it.

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You’ve got good instincts on the mat, kid,” Tim Stuart complimented.

As the most experienced martial artist on the team, he’d taken on the role of Sensei. He was a good, patient instructor. Jason had learned a lot in the last half hour, not the least of which was how hard Taylor Driscole could kick. He was still limping.

“Falling down is the most important point,” Tim continued. “Learn to fall, you can always get back up. Fall wrong, it’s all over.”

They practiced knocking one another down for awhile. Greg was paired with Alex Graves, leaving Jason with Taylor. It was ideal for size, but not for desire. Every time they grappled one another, Jason’s body reacted automatically. It was getting more difficult to control the manly urges.

“This time, come at her from behind,” Tim told Jason. “Grab her around the neck and pretend you have a knife…

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I wanted to share this quote with you!

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Hi – I’m reading “The Seven Wonders of the World (My First Travel Books Book 3)” by Anna Othitis, Cecelia Morgan, LionheART Publishing House and wanted to share this quote with you.

“Chichen Itza Castillo – Mexico Our first visit on this trip will be to visit Tinum, Mexico to tour a pyramid in Mexico built by the Mayans many years ago in 600 AD. It is named Chichen Itza, which means “at the mouth of the well of the Itza”. Look at that ancient city where the patient Mayans built their pyramid stone by stone, just like a square ice cream cone, with stairs so steep and deep for the ancient people to climb up to meet and sleep, have a feast and have the chance to dance to the merry music. The four sides of the pyramid have stairways and fairways with carved heads of a serpent. It…

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Why could no one else see them?

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