“Hopefully someone will show to keep me alive for another day.”

The Owl Branch Book Promotions

Taylor’s fight. Prince’s of Prophecy Book 6: Sniper

Dakota walks in while I’m sitting at the table. “Your guns Brother.”
“Thanks.” I don’t know what to say and look away from him. “Thanks for stepping in last night.” “The light of day makes everything look better. You will feel it soon.” He walks out and I replay that over and over. I hope he’s fuckin right. Looking at my guns I have some doubt. I think about calling Beth and telling her what a pussy I am, but throw it out. She doesn’t need me shooting her and she sure as fuck doesn’t need another dead man in her life. She deserves to be happy. She deserves everything and I can’t even tell her I’ll be there for her tomorrow. I drop my cup in the dishwasher and get to work. Darren is at the door waiting for me to…

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