ALCHEMY trilogy by R.M.Simone’

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The SPARK OF GOLD in her aura was what intrigued him. His ‘touch’ to her hand or body would flash out these radiant spikes of golden light. Making love was a whole other story as ONE was the LOCK and ONE was the KEY to this pathway of ALCHEMY they both were on from different angles.

Alchemy, The Gold Ring by R.M.Simone’ TRILOGY
He was the Key and she was the Lock… a pathway of Alchemy as a unit of Love..

Paris was in her shroud that evening when I saw her walking across to the café. It was night time in the rainy season of late fall. Normally tourists are all gone by this time of year. I watched her leave the Louvre’ as she darted between the slow late traffic. Only the locals were sitting in the café.

The rain was about to come down, but she made it in time while the fog draped the landscape. Mizzle is what some people called this kind of rain in the mist of the fog.

She was out to meet someone, I wondered?

My mood matched the shroud of Paris at the moment. I could not stop looking at this girl. Something different about her compelled me to watch. She had a naivety and that American trust that the world was a safe place for her. It was not. She looked like she just got out of college. Maybe twenty three years old at the most. My attention kept being drawn back to her. She was reaching for her cell phone to probably call the person she was meeting. I quietly watched as I stayed in the shadows at the café. She had not noticed me anyway. She was about to grab a table under the awnings as it appeared maybe near where I was watching her from. She put her cell phone back into her pocket, then looked right at me. Our eyes locked.

I don’t think she expected to see someone staring at her from the dark. I debated to speak up with introducing myself. I debated longer than what might be considered polite.

“Good evening, my name is Asten Blaine Bradwell.”…/alchemy-the-gold-…/

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GUISE’ by R.M.Simone’ trilogy and arc

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His words vibrated through my body as my mind played the scene over and over again.

“I’m not letting you go. SCREW business…I want you.”

My body felt ‘at home up against his. Nothing ever felt this good before.

My mind raced outpacing my pounding heart thinking about how this would ruin business. This was all wrong. I never crossed the lines of business boundaries. Never… From that moment those green eyes began searching deeply into mine, the first meeting rattled me into the core of my soul as i remained poised in our introduction. I always handled business in a manner that kept myself emotionally detached and somewhat guarded. It came across as slightly aloof and this allowed me to stay on point. The point was that it was about business, nothing else. Mixing intimacy with a professional setting in my view never would work. It could mess both things up. I was there in London, in that iconic building of the Gherkin, fondly known in British terms as the ‘pickle’

I was certainly in a pickle of my own now. Those green eyes of his sparked with gold and shards of sunlight amber made me sense immediately this was no ordinary man or meeting. He undoubtedly was a soul mate. A rare kind of soul mate too. He was a ‘Key’ soul mate. This meant he was part of some door to open and a piece of my life path puzzle that brings a promise of things held in a mystery yet to unfold. I never crossed boundaries of business and pleasure or issues of my heart into a meeting of this kind.

Those green eyes offered me something more. I was afraid to say yes and yet afraid to say no to that. The moment I felt his body pressing up against my own and how he held me opened a part of me I never knew before. Maybe it was always there and I dared not go into that part of me. It was how he held me. Firmly, securely, lovingly with his passion, strength of his arms and I felt trapped in the engaging body to body desire. A desire for union to feel more of him. More of him inside of me. It clouded my mind with visions of Atlantis in the Neptune myth of mermaids and mermen. No man took me from behind. I would not allow that and yet, pressing me into his body the way he was holding me to him, turned me into something I had not given into. His strength, his tenderness, his passion and his hardness all pressed along my back and spine. My hips softened into his pelvis and my knees went weak. My breathing quickened and I heard myself sigh. For goodness sake, it was only a vision of what this could be like. His holding me to him. I never imagined anyone would feel like this. Not ever.…/…/ref=asap_bc…


From author R.M.Simone. “GUISE” trilogy.

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An American new author is flying to London to meet with and sign her new publishing contract… Setting is at the Iconic GHERKIN building in London”s financial district… What begins to play out is more than a business book meeting. A future franchise marketing investor is present sizing up this author. She is smart, savvy on her feet and beautiful. She comes with her own enterprising strategies with far reaching future potentials on how to market her books. She brands and designs everything around those creative projects she conceives. One man sees her potential and there is some more in that first business meeting…

It is highly Charged in Chemistry between them. Besides the fact the GHERKIN building is an Occult magical broadcasting Masonic architectural design. She can consciously use that to her advantage.

What also awaits her is a Menage A Trois. Two will compete for her Heart. Two Loves…

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REVIEW: For those who love history and new age spirituality this will be a …, July 15, 2016 By Karen H. Vaughan

This review is from: Guise’ Arc Sample by R.M.Simone’ (Kindle Edition) GUISE ARC SAMPLE BY RM SIMONE

This sample reading of Ms. Simone’s book Guise was not at all what I expected. In it, the author divulges a lot of French history behind the name Guise. Ms. Simone also delved into the characters’ feelings about the meeting she is going into about signing the contract for her latest novel.
For those who love history and new age spirituality this will be a fantastic read and I encourage any like minded people to read the series. You may also be surprised at what else may be contained in the series as a whole. 5 STARS

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REVIEW: R.M. Simone definitely has a different writing style than any other author that I have read.

July 25, 2016 By Alicia Freeman

Verified Purchase
This review is from: Guise’ Arc Sample by R.M.Simone’ (Kindle Edition)
Guise is based on walking that thin line of dreaming, intuition, and actuality. We all have those moments of waking up and wondering if that just really happened. We need to start opening up and going with that fine line instinct in order to fund our true self. Roshandra really hit it out of the park on this one, and I love those “green eyes”.

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Short Excerpt and 5-Star Review for “Daytona Dead” by Karen Vaughan

daytona dead 2

Gerry came out of the bathroom smelling and looking great. He reached into the closet for one of his shirts that screamed I AM A TOURIST. I wrinkled my nose disapprovingly. “What?”
“That shirt screams I want to get robbed.”
“Laura, cookie, so do half the tourists with what they wear. Besides I spent a mint on new clothes for the trip, as per your request. I left my ratty jeans and holey t-shirts at home, so I could look good for two weeks out of my life.”
“Okay, point taken, I guess we can risk it for one night.”
If there was one place on earth, you could wear a loud shirt and not look tacky it was Florida.

5-Star Review by By C. W. Lovatt      

Quite an Enjoyable Read!
This review is from: DAYTONA DEAD (Kindle Edition)
Fast paced, and a laugh a minute, Karen Vaughn’s Laura and Gerry’s mystery series continues on without pausing for breath…although she does allow the reader time for a quick bite and a dip in the ocean before a dalliance in the bedroom. But then it’s all giggles and mayhem when the clues begin to surface. Quite an enjoyable read.

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5-Star Review for “My First Fun Golf Steps: A Children’s Sport Book” (My First Sports Book #1) by Anna Othitis

my first golf

 5-star  Review By The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company

“Anyone with rug-rats, grubs or sprogs will appreciate this delightful picture book”

This review is from: My First Fun Golf Steps: A Children’s Sport Book (My First Sports Books 1) (Kindle Edition)

Anyone with rug-rats, grubs or sprogs will appreciate this delightful picture book. It’s a great read for tiny human beings whether they are into golf or not – the illustrations are fantastic. As a way of keeping kids amused this book is a winner.

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An Excerpt from “Fifty Shades of Love – Bound” By R.M.Simone



Once in our life, comes a love…

A love we did not prepare for nor did we see coming.

When one of the two has his vision of his love, she is walking through her own wonderland of a day dream of a life becoming.                                   When this love sees the other, it all changes.

Everything changes…


This is LOVE.

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Chapter 5

Tied Together

He slid his hand over my hip and my body was already into the usual response to his touch.  He moved my body with the slightest shift of his hip against mine nudged me in the direction of my bedroom.  My body turned into the obedient servant of what was promised to come.   He reached for my free hand gently with purpose.  His knotted tie slipped off his hand onto mine.  A shudder ran through my body.

“Shall we Gabriella?  Give it a try?  I promise it will excite you.”  What was it about this man?  He always seemed to have his ‘way with me’.   He knew things and would maneuver my body into trying new positions that even I as a romantic writer never thought of.  I had to take notes and yet, with Tristan, I was always in the moment of whatever he was moving our lovemaking into.  The moment with him was what brought us both together.  Intensity ran high as did the feeling of his full attention on me.   I forgot everything else when he looked at me that way.  That way of ‘wanting me’, of wanting to be inside me and that way of deeply erotic sensual play…   This man drew me into him like no other.

“Tristan, I am hungry for food.  I need to eat something first.  Speaking of which, what is your tie now doing on my wrist?”

He smiled.   “For your pleasure and for mine.”

“Food first, then we can talk about this tie.”

He smiled and promptly followed my requests and tightened the tie ever so slightly.  “Your other hand will slip nicely inside this knot before we move to what I have in mind for your tasting tease of this.  I promise you, you will thank me later.”

“Really, you’re that confident about yourself?   I suppose next comes the spanking if I roll my eyes at you?”

“As a matter of fact Miss Trudeau, I would love to introduce you to that too.  My large man sized hands are perfect for the round bottom of yours.  It would meet it with more delight than ever could be explained.”

I pushed him away and reminded him I needed dinner first.  His smile said it all.  I was in for a long night of play and lovemaking Tantra, his way, his style and something now I earned for too.

“I will feed you first, lightly so and then work your body so all the tension lifts.  The bath did not remove it all and I aim to please Miss Trudeau.   I want you relax and in bliss.”

“Tristan, don’t you mean, surrendered to you and your manhood?”

“Gabriella, I derive pleasure from seeing how many orgasms I can bring you to.   How often I can see your body arched against my hand pressure.  I love to see how you unravel in my arms, exposing your sensuality to my touch, my movement over you and your beautiful releases done at the handy work I am doing.  I feel so alive, enjoying all this with you.  Don’t deny me any of it.   I waited for you for a long time, I longed for you and now that I have you, I am going to enjoy every moment and morsel of it all.   You bring me pleasure by pleasing you Gabriella.   I have never seen a woman’s body come so on fire with passion as it does when I look at you, touch you and make love to you.   Please, more of this Gabriella, much, much more.”

A food tray came with that beautiful man carrying it and totally nude now, just wearing his smile.   Grace took one look at Tristan and back at me to affirm this would be all evening and into the morning for something between us.  She promptly leaped off her warm bed spot heading to the bathroom to the plush wool Flokati rug there.  Her other favorite nesting kitty sleep place was the purple en-suite.   Her mistress and her knight were going to have a long twilight together.

“Food, eat Gabriella, leave the tie on your wrist, simple, easy to digest dinner…”

He was giving me commands which did not sit well with me.  He had everything set up with a plan of evening entertainment.  I was just pondering it all when he places my food onto my plate.  I was about to speak and he took over.

“Try it my way.  I know you think, it is almost always my way anyway, but not true.  I follow your lead and I do what you seem to let me in to do.  I merely am very observant.   I know that excites you.”

I wanted to gulp.  He was accurately correct on that.  Something about the predator part of a man, when he is really ‘seeing you’ and penetrating into what is termed your soul space.  My body just became alive with this game we did and his penetration into my personal thoughts or how my body reacting to his mere look.   It is that lover’s exchange that has a silent language and carries with it a sexual charge called the dance between the lovers.  Chemistry, hormones and heady visuals that do promise erotic excitement of the coming joining between two bodies…    I almost could go into that place of saying, yes, this body loves your touch, I feel hungry for that and scared all at the same time.  I don’t want to lose myself to you or this desire and yet, more please.  Yes, much, much more please…

I decided to play along and see where the tie on my wrist would take me, take us both.  I did trust Tristan.

“Had enough food Gabriella?”   I nodded now wondering what was next.  “Good, now for this.   Hand me your other wrist.”   He moved off the food tray to the floor of the bedroom and his look at me changed into a true feeling of predator.  Tingles bolted up from the bottom of my feet, gushing rapidly through my body.  The fear I felt was laced with pure sexual anticipation.   I was thrilled.

He slowly slipped in my willing other hand and the two wrists were not crossing each other.  He looked lovingly at me and yet in a new way he began to introduce me to something new.  He tightened the knot slowly and everything inside me began to explode a lava of fire and female wetness that caught me by surprise too.  I left out a slight moan.  He smiled and then move along with his handy work.  He tied me to the headboard of my antique bed.  The gorgeous canopy bed, he bought for me and now was using for some new form of our lovemaking delight.  I was delighted.  More than I hate to admit.

“Gabriella, if anything feels it frightens you, tell me, but we are tied up together.  Let me please you more.”

I felt my body surrender to his strong, firm yet gentle touch and my legs parted.  My head went off telling me that was too soon Gabriella.  Make the man work for this.  Do not give into his wishes.  Hold back, hold in balance this play.  Do not let him have his way with you so easily.    Then he did the most unexpected thing.   He was fully nude, gosh his body beautifully sculpted and the flatness of his midsection muscles long and lean and tight, he moves over me like he was a huge cat.  A jaguar or panther with agility and focus on his prey.   I almost gasped.  He stayed above me and my legs obediently opened fully to what I was wanting.  My hands tied above my head and his full frontal view of his body left nothing to be desired.  I wanted him fully, right now and with all the primal animal feelings this was triggering.  I moaned again.

“Not so soon Gabriella, I have a few more things to do before we go there.”

Oh, how could he?   He was controlling my desires, my orgasms were right there ready to ebb.  How could he now that I was beyond excited, and in this position.  I wanted him to fuck me now, hard, intense, and fast, repeatedly fast.   I began to squirm.  I wanted out of this.   My warrior nature was kicking in and I wanted to get on top of him and pounce on him.   I was beyond pent up.

“Really, this soon?  Gabriella, the fight comes up in you so fast; honestly, I love that fire in you.  I am going to hold you here till you let me direct this.  A spanking, maybe is in order Miss Trudeau?”  A shudder ran through my body and he smiled.  He was in full control of this and my body too.  How did this happen?

“More of this Gabriella?  I aim to please, all night long.  We have a long even ahead of us and I want you to enjoy every second of this new taste.  I am very good at this Gabriella.”

“Tristan, you are scaring me…”  He sat back some from his hovering over me.   The sexual tension slightly broke for a moment between us.  I was in my head again and he was going to let me breathe and then go at this again.  He was breaking me down and I was hesitant to let my body belong to him.  Why?  I was not sure.  Maybe the warrior in me and independence was just that way.  I wanted to be on top of this man and have my orgasms now.

“The idea of this Gabriella, is to allow yourself to let me please you, surprise you and bring you to a new kind of release.  If you fight me, then this can’t happen.  I can overpower you with my size and strength and push you over your limits.  Do you want me to do that?”

My mind muddled and I could see the psychology in this and my body calmed down.  I was willing to try something new and I did trust Tristan.  My responses held me in check.  I shook my head as a sign to him to proceed.  He smiled and he resumed his holding me firmly and now, for the first time, I let him into my boundaries.  My barriers that I carefully had concrete settings on and solid walls.   I let him in and he changed?  He changed from controlling predator into a lover that was a skilled technician at this kind of lovemaking.   A push pull began of in and out.  An in and out of sexual tension leading to coitus.  There was no union yet, but it felt like it.  I was going into a feeling of euphoria and surrender to my own inner female passions.  He was bringing that out in me.  The idea of fucking left my mind.  My hands over my head began to feel more a perfect way to keep me at bay from touching him.  I liked how this was holding me.

“Now you are relaxed.  Gabriella, now you are mine.  Your body is mine.   Keep trusting what you are feeling inside.  I want you to feel it all.”  I somehow complied and yes, I was surrendering to a deeper new experience.   My mind obliterated out.   That feeling like when you are the acupuncturist office and the meridian flows of the body give you a bliss of white light, that is what was engulfing me.   He was bringing this out in me.

Then he spoke.  “Now, for the other side of this Gabriella.”

I had no idea what he was saying or meant and then… He flipped me over with one of his large man hands and he brought my bottom up so I was suddenly on my knees and my back arched exposing me fully from behind.  He flipped me so fast in a change of positions and I felt a smack on my ass that rang ripples of delight, shock, and the pleasure I never expected.  I was vulnerable.  I was utterly exposed to him.

Then he began to FUCK me.  I mean fuck me hard and fully with penetration as I was all his.   How did that just happen?    I wanted to laugh, cry out and yet, my orgasms took over and the ride was amazing.  How could it not be?  Soft and tender than this…   I was in love with this man, this knight, this beautiful, strong man and yet, our lovemaking was an on-going constant new exploration of passion between us.   He knew a lot, I agree and I was benefitting from it all.  OMG, he pleased me.  All night long and then some…


My walls were finally coming down.  Letting in this man, this love, this unusual lovemaking and yes, how much he got ‘inside’ of me.   My walls for love were finally coming down.  Crumbling like an old fortress keeping out the world that was not allowed ‘in’.   He was allowed inside my castle walls and my heart.  My body surrendered to this man’s touch and his love for me.   More please, much more of this man, please…


For the trilogies, the arc samples and the novels, please go to the Amazon AUTHOR CENTRAL PAGE, FOR the ‘e books’ to buy.  

Roshandra, warmly writing on   …. Thank you.  

Biting is allowed…VAMPIRE Saga and Stories by R.M.Simone’

vampire book v the kiss

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BOOK V Saga Kismet love story and novels.
How much does love PAIN when it happens and then it is GONE?…/book-v-saga-the-k…/

BBW series is a VOYEUR journey into Black Stardust with a vampire lover waiting just for them in Paris. Scarlett signs the ladies up.…/…/ref=asap_bc…

Beauty of a Man is a single novel about an Austrian royal girl of fifteen and this immortal that helps to empower her.…/beauty-of-a-man-b…/

Revelant is a dark vampire that is from Atlantis and was captive while turning on his jailers to make them his prey. Something is lurking.

FIND BOOK V Saga and the NEXT Generation BOOK VI launching a modern twist to this Athanase’ family mansion of BORN vampires in Paris. Paths are about to cross for Alleandrea and Vallen as she is reborn and traveling to Paris and NYC and back home to Italy.
Modern vampires blend, fit into the fashion world and wealth as they don’t age, drive the best cars and have the parties everyone wants to be seen at. This is absolutely a SAGA Landscape women with a past and now into a present and vampire immortals help the global world changes of humanity. The dark cabal was not expecting this.…/…/ref=asap_bc…
Book V Saga THE KISS…/book-…/paperback/product-22126674.html
Book V Saga THE KISS, THE MIST, THE REBORN all in Paperback