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ALCHEMY trilogy by R.M.Simone’

The SPARK OF GOLD in her aura was what intrigued him. His ‘touch’ to her hand or body would flash out these radiant spikes of golden light. Making love was a whole other story as ONE was the LOCK and ONE was the KEY to this pathway of ALCHEMY they both were on from different […]

GUISE’ by R.M.Simone’ trilogy and arc

His words vibrated through my body as my mind played the scene over and over again. “I’m not letting you go. SCREW business…I want you.” My body felt ‘at home up against his. Nothing ever felt this good before. My mind raced outpacing my pounding heart thinking about how this would ruin business. This was […]

From author R.M.Simone. “GUISE” trilogy.

An American new author is flying to London to meet with and sign her new publishing contract… Setting is at the Iconic GHERKIN building in London”s financial district… What begins to play out is more than a business book meeting. A future franchise marketing investor is present sizing up this author. She is smart, savvy […]

Short Excerpt and 5-Star Review for “Daytona Dead” by Karen Vaughan

Gerry came out of the bathroom smelling and looking great. He reached into the closet for one of his shirts that screamed I AM A TOURIST. I wrinkled my nose disapprovingly. “What?” “That shirt screams I want to get robbed.” “Laura, cookie, so do half the tourists with what they wear. Besides I spent a […]

5-Star Review for “My First Fun Golf Steps: A Children’s Sport Book” (My First Sports Book #1) by Anna Othitis

 5-star  Review By The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company “Anyone with rug-rats, grubs or sprogs will appreciate this delightful picture book” This review is from: My First Fun Golf Steps: A Children’s Sport Book (My First Sports Books 1) (Kindle Edition) Anyone with rug-rats, grubs or sprogs will appreciate this delightful picture book. It’s a great read for […]

An Excerpt from “Fifty Shades of Love – Bound” By R.M.Simone

  Once in our life, comes a love… A love we did not prepare for nor did we see coming. When one of the two has his vision of his love, she is walking through her own wonderland of a day dream of a life becoming.                   […]

Biting is allowed…VAMPIRE Saga and Stories by R.M.Simone’

BOOK V Saga Kismet love story and novels. How much does love PAIN when it happens and then it is GONE?…/book-v-saga-the-k…/ BBW series is a VOYEUR journey into Black Stardust with a vampire lover waiting just for them in Paris. Scarlett signs the ladies up.…/…/ref=asap_bc… Beauty of a Man is a single novel […]

BOOK V by R.M.Simone’ Saga & Novellas

  BOOK V SAGA The Kiss Installment One: The Kiss (Book V Saga) Amazon (ebook)–Kiss-Installment-One-ebook/dp/B00V5INVFW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8#nav-subnav Lulu (paperback) Book V Saga   THE MIST Installment Two: THE MIST (BOOK V Saga 2) Amazon Lulu (paperback) BOOK V SAGA THE REBORN Installment Three: THE REBORN (BOOK V Saga 3) Amazon (ebook) Lulu (paperback) […]

“Dead on Arrival” by Karen Vaughan – Conversation between Laura and Gerry

DEAD ON ARRIVAL CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN LAURA & GERRY CHAPTER 1 “Okay Gerry,” I said, “cut the crap! How did you get Velcro’s’ body in here?” “What do ya mean how? You mean you think I did this, thanks a lot!” he said, somewhat pissed. “This wasn’t your handy-work?” “No! Why would you think I would […]

Enforcer Book 4 of the Princes of prophecy series by L Ann Marie

  ABOUT ENFORCER Sheila grew up in the MC. Adopted by a biker family she was always just another Brother. She’s trained for High Security and moves with the Princes when they take their new town and place within the MC Chapter. As a jack of all trades, Sheila is the Princes go to Brother. […]


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