Mystery Writing Workshop @ Glen Arbor Arts Center | #michLit #motownwriters #michigan| April 20, 21, 27, and 28

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Mystery Writing Workshop @ Glen Arbor Arts Center

Northern Michigan author Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli sheds some light on the illusive art of writing whodunnits in the two-weekend workshop “Finding Dark Places: Writing the Mystery Novel,” April 20, 21, 27, and 28 at the Glen Arbor Arts Center, 6031 S. Lake St., Glen Arbor.

Students will bring a novel in progress or a solid idea for a mystery novel to the first class. Buzzelli will detail the novel’s structure: plot, characterization, red herrings, forensics, and ending. The ins and outs of publishing will also be discussed. Students will be writing during and between classes, and sharing their work in class. The objective is for students to help each other progress with their stories. Buzzelli is a mystery writer, journalist, short story and essay writer, teacher and speaker. Her 12th novel, Manners and Murder, will be released Spring 2018. She…

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The road…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I left after work on Thursday, driving north for the last Silent Eye meeting before the April workshop. The sun was shining, the day was balmy… spring had, it seemed, finally sprung after the torrential rain that had battered the land all night. Six counties, several road closures and five hours later, I had driven through spring and back into a watery world where the rain lashed the windscreen faster than the wipers could clear it.

Yet the sun greeted me again as I drove over the Derbyshire hills and into Yorkshire. Traces of white winter lingered in the lee of stone walls where the shadows preserved the last remnants of snow. Daffodils strained at the leash, wanting only a little warmth to burst forth in all their golden glory… and then I hit a wall of fog and I was glad to reach my destination and dinner.

The next…

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Doll Face by Dylan H Jones #BlogTour #GuestPost @Bloodhoundbook @tudormanx


Today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for Doll Face by Dylan H Jones who I had the pleasure of chatting to at Harrogate last year. He has an interesting background and so I have a lovely guest post to share with you all today. But first let me tell you a little about the book. But not before I say that I think that this is my favourite blog tour poster so far this year!

About this book…

Three months after solving his last case, DI Tudor Manx leads a harrowing

investigation to catch a killer terrorizing the isle of Anglesey.

After the body of the first victim, Sian Conway is found, the suspicion quickly falls on her boss, Kimble McLain, and her volatile ex-husband, Liam Fowler.

The autopsy soon reveals Sian was eighteen weeks pregnant and when the coroner finds a religious text hidden in the victim’s liver, Manx…

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From biography to fiction – Guest Post by, Felicity Sidnell Reid…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Licence Obtained to use image – Copyright: Dmytro Pauk 123RF Stock Photo

The possible steps between biography and fiction seem to increase from year to year. Ian Jack, writing in the Guardian in 2003, commented, “Writing one’s own personal history used to be called autobiography. Now, more and more, it is called memoir.” Since then, the variety of memoirs has proliferated: we have the traditional memoir, the constructed one, the fictionalised and finally the fictional. This last categorization may still be greeted by a furore as some degree of “truth” is still demanded of the genre.

Biographies may trace accurately the life of someone, usually a person, well-known for their achievements or notorious for the life they’ve led. Though stuffed with facts and footnotes and even using the actual words of their subject culled from letters, diaries and interviews, the biographer usually remains somewhat detached presenting an overview of the…

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Can I “camp” in a van, so the monsters don’t get me?

Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

This week’s weekly photo challenge prompt is “I’d rather be …”

I had to think long and hard about this one, because I pretty much love my life as it unfolds; I’ve reached an age where I decide what I’m doing in any given moment. (Not that I always choose the right thing to be doing, but that’s on me.)

It wasn’t until I saw Facebook post from a friend who had a bonfire over the weekend, that I knew what I should share.

The truth is, I’d almost ALWAYS rather be tending a nice, manageable backyard fire. Preferably with my husband, my family, a good friend or ten,  a couple of dogs, a cold beer, a hot mug of something tasty, some marshmallows … or any combination of such treasured companions.

I have to confess: I didn’t take this photograph. It’s actually a shot my son took, when he…

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…scoff not at the honest endeavours of others…

Seumas Gallacher

…to every man, woman, and child who ever picked up a pen or pencil, tapped at a typewriter, clicked at a keyboard, in an effort to WRITESUM’THING out of their own imagination, I salute yeez… each and every one of yeez… heroes and heroines all… lately, I saw a Facebook exchange about what constitutes a ‘good’ writer, a ‘successful’writer, a writer ‘of note’, which discussion also included some gratuitously offensive commentary on certain scribblers whose material didn’t ‘meet the expectations’ of some readers… I call those sniper ‘critics’ cringeworthy carpers, pedantic peddlers, humbugging hussies… I wonder how many of those, so quick to relegate so readily to the dustbin the literary effort of others, have ever written a book themselves?… I recall the time this ol’ Scots Jurassic completed my first novel… my maiden sortie into the universe of the wordsmith, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY… it was…

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Short Story/Serial Monday – Memories of Rachel – Part 3

Author Don Massenzio

I know there was a bit of an info dump in part 2 of this story. The technology at play (some real, some fictional) is complex and it took a bit of explaining. I also wanted to explain Ben’s motivation to develop it.

This week, we start going through the process of capturing Rachel’s memories and emotions and we get some hints of the effects that the process is having on her. It’s an interesting story to write. I look forward to the developments in the coming weeks.

Please enjoy Memories of Rachel – Part 3.

If you want to read the earlier parts of this story or look at my other serials, you can click HERE. I also have a short story page with one part tales that you can click HERE.


Memories of Rachel – Part 3

Rachel slept more than she was awake these days…

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