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Character Quotes from Best Medicine by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“I really am fine, Davi. You don’t need to drive my car home.” “I saw you when I walked in that door, girl. I’m not gonna let you drive and that’s final. When your face is as white as your lab coat, it’s time to let someone take care of…

Character Quotes from He Needed Killin’ by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“You need to put some weight on,” another waitress, Vivian said. She was probably old enough to be his grandmother. Short, plump and gray haired, she had sparkling blue eyes and a sunny smile. “If I eat like this too much, I’ll blimp out.” She giggled, pinching his cheek. “Women…

Character Quotes from He Thought He Saw by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
Mr. Finley talked to the sergeant who had been at Brian’s house. He wove some story about coming out here for a cookout when an earthquake struck. “Brian must have been right on a fault line,” he said. “Sucked him right in. We dug him out, but he was in…

Character Quotes from Ring Up the Curtain by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
“Yeah. See you, princess.” “Love ya, Romy.” He chuckled, making kissing noises in the phone. “Would that were true, love. I’d be all over that.” “Rom, you’d be all over anything that stood still long enough.” “Shh, keep it down or Gran will worry about the cat.” © 2018 Dellani…

Character Quotes from Under the Western Sky by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
Bobby had to admit that nothing beat a miniskirt for being erotic and evocative while still covering up the most important bits of a woman’s anatomy. “Okay, Mom. I’ll call you when I get in. Love you too!” She hung up and smiled at Bobby. “Put your tongue back in…

Secret Love by Natalie Ann #BookReview #Bookish #mgtab @NatalieAnn121

Secret Love by Natalie Ann #BookReview #Bookish #mgtab @NatalieAnn121

Originally posted on Jacquie Biggar- USA Today Best-selling author :
? Vin Steele has always been in control. Always been a leader. Failing at what he always did was a bitter pill for him to swallow, sending him into an isolation…of sorts. A new life and a new career, trying to find the person he lost.…

Character Quotes from Game Junkies by Dellani

Originally posted on Cereal Authors:
Gavin nodded. “Your funeral.” “But you’re not going with us.” “I get it! You’ve made it abundantly clear you don’t wish my presence. You afraid I’ll scare her off?” “Maybe a little, yeah. You have this way of trying to take over and organize things. I want a nice, casual…

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