Writerly Things 3/11/18

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Writerly Things 3/11/18

Traci Kenworth


Oh, Daylight Savings Time, how I do loathe thee, usually. This year hasn’t been so bad as my daughter works the afternoon shift now so there’s no prying myself awake at the crack of dawn. Unless, of course, her retail hours shift but by then, I should be used to the change. I do like the lengthening of days however and I’m in a good mood today as I got to visit with Sally on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine today as well as my “weekend” begins tomorrow. It’ll be nice not to have dr. apts. or errands to run for a couple days.

We’re supposed to be hit by another snowstorm this week but they’re saying small accumulation although they said that for the one this past week as well and we ended up getting quite a bit. It’s melting now as the one…

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Kobo Writing Life

Guest Post by Deborah Cooke (Abridged from a version originally published on www.deborahcooke.com)

Book charms are adorable and readers love them. I’ve bought them in the past from Etsy vendors, but when I realized I needed at least 100 of them for an event last August, I decided to try making my own.bookcharms

A big part of this decision was that I found little blank books in the dollhouse section at the craft store. They have paper pages and little covers, which are so much more realistic than book charms made of clay. Since these look like little hardcover books, I decided to make slipcovers for them (instead of just gluing my front cover on the book). This is, of course, the Hard Way, but I think the result is worth the trouble.

smallbooksThe tricky bit is getting the proportions right on the printed slip cover. I measured…

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How to Make Time for Creativity


There’s a creative person buzzing around in each of us. But they can’t come to the phone right now, because they’re buried in admin and paperwork.

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Writing: Learning the Craft Never Ends

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Horror Post

I have always said this and meant it. Yet even knowing this to be true, I still am surprised at learning more lessons! The more we write, the more we learn. It sounds simplistic but it isn’t.

Currently, I am writing my fifth novel which begins a new series. I write as a three act play. It works for me: set up, middle and ending. I love writing that way because despite being a seat of the pantser, I do find I like some structure.

As I am well into my novel, I find I am much more aware of pacing than I was. As I don’t use an outline, I am amazed to find my characters pulling me into the action, telling me what’s coming next and so on. Sometimes I try to second guess them but it doesn’t feel right and really, I don’t want to ruffle their…

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Seeking Hope in a Crazy World

I have begun reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. The byline on the book reads “The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust”.
I am not a long way in yet and don’t have any insights from the book at this time but wish to share an observation made by the author in his Preface to the 1992 Edition.

“I do not at all see in the bestseller status of my book an achievement and accomplishment on my part but rather an expression of the misery of our time: if hundreds of thousands of people reach out for a book whose very title promises to deal with the question of a meaning to life, it must be a question that burns under their fingernails”.

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