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When Tis Done – Part 73

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
When they arrive at school, they find a car in Jordan’s parking space. It turns out to be the car of the Fēng’s housekeeper. Though, the way she acts, Brian and Jordan are pretty sure that she’s much more than she tries to appear. Brian strolled to the car, laying…

When Tis Done – Part 72

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Jordan arrives at Brian’s home the next day, excited because she shared his Dream. Brian remembers it fairly well, and also remembers that, for some reason, he needs to talk to her eldest brother, Scott. “No. Sometimes it’s really vague, other times, like last night, it’s very realistic. But that…

When Tis Done – Part 71

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Brian goes to bed, hoping for a quiet night. Instead, he dreams of a creature pinned to the ground by ropes of sand. He starts to release it, but finds Jordan has entered the dream. She tells him to stop, they don’t know if the beast is friendly. “It hasn’t…

When Tis Done – Part 70

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Just before dinner is ready, Brian’s grandparents arrive. They brought a necklace like Brian’s, for Jordan. They also brought rings for a binding ceremony for the two of them. “See you tomorrow. I’m driving,” Jordan said. “Mom’s taken the day to help prepare for the visitors. I’ll see you at…

When Tis Done – Part 69

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
While the boys are having their conversation, the girls find something to help them protect themselves. Brian and Chase nearly come to blows, because Chase thinks he’s suffered more than Brian. “You want my opinion?” Chase rolled his eyes. Jordan punched him in the chest. “He asked, didn’t he?” “Yes,…

Character Quotes from Love Comes Lately by Dellani

Originally posted on Books & Entertainment Network:
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t raise Clancy to talk like that.” “I blame video games. Terrible what they teach our young. Why my boys curse like truck drivers. I don’t know where the f**k they learned all those goddamn shitty words from.” “Television. Terrible influence.” © 2018 Dellani…

When Tis Done – Part 68

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
The girls take the computer, with the information on how to protect themselves against The Killing Hand, and the boys talk about the situation with Chase and Marissa. “Too many emotions. You can’t function like that. I can see this storm inside you and it’s not got an outlet. I…

Among the Shine Clan – Part 14 by Dellani

Originally posted on Books & Entertainment Network:
After examining a map of the compound, Fiddlestix realizes that the warriors they just fought were a distraction. The others can be seen moving in on the rest of the compound. Their leader isn’t anywhere to be seen. “We have to get back there now,” Fiddlestix gasped. “They’re…

When Tis Done – Part 67

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
While Brian and Jordan are talking with Chase and Marissa, Chase mentions the scene in Temple of Doom where peoples’ hearts get ripped out of their chests. This makes them wonder if it might actually be possible. If so, how can they safeguard themselves against it? Brian gave him a…

When Tis Done – Part 66

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Jordan’s drama practice gets called early. She has an uncomfortable chat with Lien afterward. She and her mother talk on the way to Brian’s house. Jackie tells her about her early relationship with Heath, and Maribelle’s rocky romance with Miles. Thanks to Cliff, they were both set straight. At Brian’s…


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