Guest Post – Now What?

Library of Erana

Today I welcome Dylan Callens to the Library of Erana where he chats about some of the challenges facing the new author.

What to Do Next

I’ve finished my first book.  I have one month to prepare before its release while my editor diligently works away at what I hope are my last few grammatical and punctuation errors.  That leaves me one month to navigate through the insane world of social media, to build some kind of audience before its launch date.  Where do I even start?

I have several ideas; I’m not green when it comes to web design or working on social media platforms.  I’ve promoting things online before with varying degrees of success.  I even purchased a book to help me with online marketing.  Alas, I am only one person trying to build a website, tweet interesting tweets, post amusing Facebook content, network on Goodreads, and create…

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20 Tips for Creating Compelling Copy

So you have a website. Perhaps it’s a personal blog. Perhaps it’s a page for your product or service. Maybe you’re trying to build an audience for something big. At this stage in your content creation journey, I’m sure your biggest question is, “How the hell am I supposed to get people to read my copy?”

Creating compelling copy for your website or blog is no small feat. However, it can be done. And perhaps it’ll be easier than you think! So buckle in and hang tight because we’re going to bring you not five, not 10, not even 15…but 20 tips for creating compelling copy!

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New Podcast Up: Reasons for Writing and Filmgoing

Writing Is Hard Work

Podcast CoverIn this episode we discuss the hard life of an indie writer, what that entails, and mostly why we keep writing. Many independent writers quit writing all together when the going gets rough, but what is needed to keep the creative fires burning? We also wrap up the 2014 movie season and discuss what makes us spend the big bucks to see a film in the theaters to what makes us want to stream it at home. As always your questions are welcomed at

Find the spoiler-free episode here.

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Generalist or Specialist: Where Do You Fit?

Live to Write - Write to Live

What’s your opinion on being a specialist versus a generalist?

Do you think it’s best for a writer to focus in a single area or subject of interest and have a honed knowledge, or are there more opportunities for a writer who can write about anything and everything?

It’s a common quandry that all writers need to answer at least once. I find myself considering the options a couple times a year.

I admit to hearing more often than not that it’s beneficial for a writer to focus only 1 or 2 areas from the get-go — that becoming an expert in an area (or a couple areas) can lead to the most successful career.

The exceptions are journalists — and possibly ghost writers — who can make a living writing about a wide variety of topics.

Focusing on a single area and developing an expertise enables you to develop…

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Well-Paying Markets You Can Write For

Savvy Writers & e-Books online

Write for Newspapers and Magazines


Do you like to travel to foreign countries, or other states / provinces? Enjoy weekend trips to new places?  Where does your novel or non-fiction book takes place? In your home town or in a foreign city? I bet you did a lot of research to describe those places. Leverage this research work and all your travel experiences to write not only for travel or well-paying airline magazines, but also for newspapers or lifestyle magazines – print and online. Travel articles are not for travel magazines only! Why wait months or years until royalties for your books arrive, when you can easily write articles that pay faster – and a lot more per word count?

Travel Magazines Are Not the Only Possibility

Seniors magazines, parenting magazines, business magazines, frugal-living magazines, health magazines, writing magazines, newspapers – from free locals to national and international, and even pet magazines…

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