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Origin of Pandaman

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
The other day someone, a stranger, referred to me as Pandaman. I was amused and actually flattered. I’ve always liked pandas. But the reason for calling me Pandaman was more interesting. It seems there is a little girl somewhere in cyberland who wakes up daily and wants her…

Plans For Fried Windows Sequel

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
At the conclusion of Fried Windows it’s fairly clear, I think, that a sequel is coming. In fact, there are several other books I’ve written that carry on Brent Woods’ story, though only Fried Windows and a piece about his early college experiences are told in first…

How It Begins, Continues and Ends

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
The beginning of a book has the illusion of being easy but next to the ending it can be the most difficult part to write. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found the middle of a book the quickest write. You see – you know the characters…

The Wolfcat Chronicles – The Inspiration

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
There’s not a single moment that stands out to cite as the inspiration to write The Wolfcat Chronicles. More accurately it was a series of incidents and a process in the evolution of an idea. Since the series is related in many ways to other writing, I…

The Wolfcat Chronicles Book Nine Submitted

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
Yesterday evening I completed the revision of The Woflcat Chronicles Book 9 and submitted it to my publisher.  For those of you who were beta readers for the draft of the manuscript, I changed a few things – most of them in keeping with the new ending…

Humpday Special – Excerpt: Fried Windows Chapter One

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
The following is an excerpt from Fried Windows (In A Light White Sauce), published May 2014 by Pandamoon Publishing. It is offered here as a sample of the story. The book is currently available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats – http://www.amazon.com/Fried-Windows-Light-White-Sauce-ebook/dp/B00KM6MXI4/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Copyright 2014 Elgon Williams All…

The Wolfcat Chronicles Book Seven Revisions Complete

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
For those of you following the saga of the entire series revision for The Wolfcat Chronicles, Book 7 was submitted to my publisher this morning. Now I move on to Book 8 – after a brief break. As I have said before, I’ve not worked on Books…

Projects for 2015

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
Yesterday I completed a list of uncommonly spelled words and names for my editor’s use in preparing a stylesheet for the publication of The Wolfcat Chronicles. The list is complete through Book Six, which is as far as I have gotten with he current round of revisions.…

Going On a Third Year

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
Most writers have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, I think. Otherwise we’d never labor over a project through all the revisions and edits necessary to bring something to print and share it with the world. Artistic people in general have the same traits. That’s why a lot of us become…

Next In The Queue

Originally posted on The One & Only Elgon:
Here we go again, right? It’s new Years Eve already and I thought at this time last year and the year before that I was on the threshold of having a dream year. Let’s say that previously I’ve been here and been wrong several times. Although last…

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