The Next American President And Where I Fit Into All of This

Xao Thao

I was never a Republican. I was always a Democrat, thinking, Democrats are for the people, that’s why they called themselves Democrats. It’s a bad word relation that unless I knew what they were and what they stood for, I was just simply going on word familiarity.

What I learned about politics came from family and friends and their expressed opinions and views about the presidential and congressional debates. Stuff I don’t really care too much about so I take everyone at their word for it. My family and friends aren’t idiots. They know what they’re talking about. Facebook memes just helps to push their view points across.

According to EnkiVillage’s 10 Differences Between Democrats and Republicans (, my personal viewpoint is Democratic for numbers 3,5,6,7, and 9. That means that my viewpoint is Republican for numbers 1,2,4,8, and 10. If I’m split down the middle, does that…

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Research Can Be Fun! The Great Ships: #Pirate #Ships

Author P.S. Bartlett

While chatting with fellow pirate lover and author Christi Taijeron, we were discussing the research of ships and I thought, you can find anything on YouTube…I’m so happy!

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