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Wrap Up: May 2018

Rachel Poli Reading I read 4 mystery books this month in honor of Mystery Month. You can check out my Reading List to see which books I read and reviewed. I also got a bit ahead in reading books for June. Writing Honestly, I didn’t get as much writing done this month as I had […]

Does Your Mystery Novel Need To Have A Solution? [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli We’ve all read those kinds of books where the ending is left pretty open. Sometimes it’s satisfying, sometimes it’s not. Once in a while it’s okay to leave the ending up to the reader and they can infer on what might happen next. Other times, though, it just doesn’t make any sense. You […]

Short Story Sunday 214: Number One Suspect [Part 4 – Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli DID YOU READ PARTS ONE, TWO, AND THREE?             After talking to Noah, Jayden’s former boss, George and Lilah went straight back to the office to brainstorm more ideas. Things were suddenly looking for Steven. While the motive for killing his wife was still prominent, things were looking shady on Jayden’s end as […]

How To Use Red Herrings To Your Advantage [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli Red herrings are fake clues that are left around – either by accident or on purpose – to through an investigator off the trail when solving a crime. They’re a lot of fun to throw into your mystery novel to throw the readers off track as well. Or maybe they know the truth […]

A List Of Mystery Resources [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support! I’ve gone through many books and websites researching the craft of mystery writing and also just research for mysteries and crime in general. Here […]

Writing The Mystery Short Story [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli Writing a mystery is hard, but writing a mystery short story is even harder. Mysteries can take a lot out of you – between the crime taking place, the long investigation process, and so on. It easier to pack that into a longer novel than it is to jam into a short story. […]

The Best Way To Plan A Crime In Your Mystery Novel [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli I’ve written this post a couple times now. Every time I do, it’s always so popular so I like to rewrite it each year for Mystery Month. Keeping track of a crime when writing a mystery novel can be hard. There’s a lot to remember – clues and evidence, witnesses and suspects, the […]

12 Ways To Kill Off Your Fictional Characters [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli I never thought I’d write a post like this, but… Here we are. There are so many ways for people to die. There are four main categories that I personally put them into. MurderSuicideAccidentalNatural I’m only going to list 12 ways you can kill off your fictional characters, but there are many variations […]

Who Is Your Sleuth And Why Does He Matter? [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli Choosing a protagonist for your story – no matter what genre you’re writing – is so important. The protagonist is the one who drives the story forward, they’re the reason the story is happening, the reason your readers are still turning the pages. My mystery novel is written in third-person limited and I […]

Short Story Sunday 212: Number One Suspect [Part 2 – Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli DID YOU READ PART ONE?             “How could we have helped arrest the wrong man?” Lilah said with a grunt. She pushed the front door of their building open before George could even get the key out of the lock. She walked down the hallway with her arms up in the air in […]

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