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#NationalPoetryMonth – #SummerMagic – On The River

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:
After ten days of celebrating National Poetry Month (via a glut of my own work 😉 ), I’m wrapping up today with one last poem. It’s the longest one in the book, I think, and it’s the only one I’d call somewhat autobiographical. Many of you know, I’m a…

#NationalPoetryMonth – #SummerMagic – Title Poem

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:
? This is the poem that started the book, and I hope you like it. I will probably post one more tomorrow, and then try to get back with my “regularly scheduled programming” next week, if all goes well, and I’m able to resume my normal workload. In the…

How to Write Better Stories

Originally posted on K. D. Dowdall:
How to Write Better Stories Posted by Melissa Donovan on April 12, 2018  https://www.writingforward.com/storytelling/how-to-write-better-stories Melissa writes with a wealth of knowledge about how to write better, stronger, and more interesting stories that will capture your reader. Each example gives the writer something to think about and perhaps, will improve each story…

#NationalPoetryMonth – #SummerMagic – Indian Summer

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:
Wrong season for this one, I suppose, but I trust you’ll forgive me if I share it anyway. 🙂 Though it wasn’t written with them in mind, specifically, it always makes me think of Mac as a badly scarred adult, and Sarah, who showed him the way back. Enjoy!…

#NationalPoetryMonth – #SummerMagic – DeepPockets

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:
? Today’s offering returns to the Mac at Ten section of Summer Magic. Hope you enjoy the images I tried to capture. 🙂 Deep Pockets      by Marcia Meara He sits cross-legged On smooth, gray granite Outside the tent, And watches the light Turn from gold to silver, Caught…

#NationalPoetryMonth – #SummerMagic – Promises

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:
? Another change of pace for todays’ offering. (Are you getting tired of these yet? Hope not.) This one is from the second half of the book, and I hope it touches some of you. ❤ Promises By Marcia Meara Up we climb again, My Love On yet another…

#NationalPoetryMonth – #SummerMagic – The Ambush

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:
Time for another one from Mac’s adventures, those many summers ago. Hope you enjoy it. Ambush by Marcia Meara Silent, sleek, deadly, The predator climbs high, high, And stretches out full length On the smooth, sturdy limb. Well hidden within heavy green foliage, His wait begins. Panting slightly as…

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