Never Trust a Vampire by Vivian Lane

Megan Morgan

Never Trust a Vampire
Strange Allies #1
by Vivian Lane
Genre: Urban Fantasy
166 pages
The people we save look at us like we’re superheroes, or guardian
angels, but we bleed.
We break.
And sometimes, we even die.
Becoming a paladin means sacrifice of self.
Saving innocents is always top priority, so when the vampire Adam asks for
Agent Seven’s services to rescue children from L.A.’s reigning
vampire, The Agency won’t let her refuse. Company motto is the only
good vampire is a dead one, so what makes this guy different from all
the rest? This feels like a trap.
Will Adam prove her wrong, or be her downfall?
This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult

The audience clapped for the orchestra starting to enter and I searched in the dim light for where…

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Even Dragons Get the Blues… Take These Broken Wings @LiviaQuinn #books #dragons #MFRWAuthor

Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe — volume 1 — The Beginning

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Chapter 1

“What do the runes in my dream mean and why is a raven surrounded by a silver glow appearing?” Ravyn Wyng finished the slice of pizza, eyes on the screen, but not seeing the words. She stretched and grimaced; her left shoulder ached, throbbing in time with her heartbeat.

Ravyn rubbed her shoulder and debated whether to take a pain pill. A rumble of thunder rolled over the house rattling the windows.

“What does what mean?” Jennifer Wells entered the office, coffee mugs in hand.

Ravyn grabbed a mug and kissed her wife. “The damn dream I’ve been having. Had it again last night, and this time a raven surrounded by a silver glow appeared. As if the runes, the voice I don’t understand, and the map aren’t weird enough.”

“Which explains why you were up before me. Make an appointment with Doctor Samson.”

“Why? It’s not like…

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GIRL IN A GOLDEN CAGE by @lucyBranch11 #UrbanFantasy #Alchemy #Milan #WeekendBlogShare

Rosie Amber

Girl In A Golden Cage (Gold Gift Series)Girl In A Golden Cage by Lucy Branch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Girl In A Golden Cage is book #2 in the Gold Gift urban fantasy series, but is easily a stand alone book. I didn’t realise there was a book #1 until I had finished.

The setting is Milan, Italy. Francesca is visiting her father for the summer holidays. The book opens with one of her serious migraine headaches which leave her in a terrible state, she barely survives the flight from London.

Francesca’s father is very rich and life in Milan is luxurious. Here she can indulge in her love for caricature art, ans she has plans to tell her father that she has dropped out of her medical course at university and wants to study art.

There are secrets in the house and Francesca sees ghostly lights of a supernatural being. The projection is from…

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Review: Drake and the Fliers by Allison Maruska



I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the author Allison Maruska for a review.  Drake and the Fliersis a great YA urban fantasy, here is my review.

After a terrible virus kills all humanity except for teenagers, Drake finds himself all alone.  With his sister dead and the only other visible survivors vandalizing his home, Drake is reluctant to seek out others…That is until he shapeshifts into a dragon.

‘Drake and the Fliers’ is an amazing fast paced urban fantasy that I just couldn’t put down.  The story follows sixteen-year-old Drake who finds he’s able to shapeshift into a dragon as a result of surviving a virus that killed all adults and kids.  While in dragon form he bumps into another shapeshifting teenager like him and together they start a journey to seek out other survivors.

The pacing of this novel is fast and a lot…

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The Injustice Gamer Nominates

Planetary Awards

I’ve posted his nominees below, but you’ll have to go to The Injustice Gamer site to see why he chose them (because I don’t know how to reblog from blogspot).

the-secret-kings-cover-15The Secret Kings

betweenthewallandthefire3dBetween the Wall and the Fire

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