Writerly Things 3/11/18

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Writerly Things 3/11/18

Traci Kenworth


Oh, Daylight Savings Time, how I do loathe thee, usually. This year hasn’t been so bad as my daughter works the afternoon shift now so there’s no prying myself awake at the crack of dawn. Unless, of course, her retail hours shift but by then, I should be used to the change. I do like the lengthening of days however and I’m in a good mood today as I got to visit with Sally on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine today as well as my “weekend” begins tomorrow. It’ll be nice not to have dr. apts. or errands to run for a couple days.

We’re supposed to be hit by another snowstorm this week but they’re saying small accumulation although they said that for the one this past week as well and we ended up getting quite a bit. It’s melting now as the one…

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