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Marginalia, no.334

Originally posted on The New Psalmanazar:
I love what astonishes me and only retain that which would excite but forgetfulness in the mind of a wise man. ~ Paul Valery, The Dialogue of the Tree If wisdom is retaining only ideas that are somehow useful or relevant then I will be content with foolishness. But…

The Mythical Method

Originally posted on e-Tinkerbell:
When you are child, you look forward to growing up and time never goes by. The future adult life is seen with the eyes of innocence: a wonderful, festive, harmless carousel, whose protagonists can enjoy their hard gained independence at last. However, once you eventually  find yourself in the world of…

Return to the Ice Giants

Centauri Dreams   Posted: 18 Jun 2014 06:41 AM PDT   Once New Horizons has performed its flyby of Pluto/Charon and, let’s hope, its reconnaissance of a Kuiper Belt object (KBO), what comes next in our exploration of the outer Solar System? Pushing further out, Innovative Interstellar Explorer grew out of a NASA ‘Vision Mission’ study and has […]

TM Brown

Originally posted on Reading Recommendations:
TM Brown What is your latest release and what genre is it? Struggles of the Women Folk – Genre: Historical Black American Fiction Quick description: It is the story of a young black girl named Georgie growing up in rural Virginia in the 1940s. This was a time of discrimination…

Melanie Schnell

Originally posted on Reading Recommendations:
Melanie Schnell What is your latest release and what genre is it? While the Sun is Above Us — fiction Quick description: While The Sun Is Above Us takes readers deep into the extraordinary world of Sudan through the intertwined narratives of two women. In the midst of a bloody…

Charitably free reading

Originally posted on Free Reader:
After starting several other titles on my “reading list” of books that I’ve designated to be the up-and-coming reads for my blog, and deciding that none really matched my current mood, I found myself drawn once again to my #kindlesteals list of free books that are regularly priced $4.99 and…

Bruce Meyer

Originally posted on Reading Recommendations:
Bruce Meyer What is your latest release and what genre is it? Testing the Elements (poetry) Quick description: This book of poetry examines our relationship to the world in both the elemental and the spiritual sense. Brief biography: Bruce Meyer is author of 40 books of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction,…

Betty Jane Hegerat

Originally posted on Reading Recommendations:
Betty Jane Hegerat What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest publication is an essay in the brave and wonderful anthology, a family by any other name; Exploring Queer Relationships (Touchwood Editions 2014) Bruce Gillespie, the editor of this anthology, was previously featured on Reading Recommendations…

Seumas Gallacher

Originally posted on Reading Recommendations:
Seumas Gallacher What is your latest release and what genre is it? Savage Payback, a crime thriller Quick description: A series of coordinated lethal bomb attacks on a dozen jewelry stores in London’s West End drag former SAS officer, Jack Calder and his specialist security firm, International Security Partners, into…


Originally posted on Free Reader:
I’m currently struggling through a longer, rougher selection in my reading list (which I do intend to finish, for reasons I’ll reveal in the review, so I won’t mention the title here). So I’ve been lightening the mood with some other, lighter reading in between. One gem I have found…

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