The last person Gus LeGarde expected to see was his college friend Byron Cunningham circling the fields around his property. The last thing he expected to see was his friends’ plane crash.
After rescuing Byron Gus takes his friend in and learns that Byron is a vocal instructor at the Eastman School in Rochester. Byron bonds with Gus’ teenaged daughter Shelby and agrees to coach her for an upcoming audition. In the midst of her sessions at the school Shelby meets and falls for Byron’s protégé who has a few secrets and this fact disturbs Gus besides the fact that he is a boy.
Meanwhile Gus and Camille discover some old diaries and things belonging to his great aunt Emma and an original painting done by a famous artist. The trouble really starts when an unscrupulous art appraiser wants to get his hands on it thus endangering Gus and his family.
This is a typical LeGarde story in which Gus is pulled kicking and screaming into a mystery of epic proportions sending readers into the usual whirlwind of suspense and intrigue.
Mr. Lazar has again provided his fans with a riveting read. This is highly recommended by this reviewer who would gladly give it 5 stars.

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