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Something New – Part 30

Originally posted on Dellani Oakes:
Austin prepares for his first interview. Somewhat nervous, he’s glad to have Dwight appear with another shirt and tie. They both decide that they need serious intervention with their house keeping skills, since neither of them has any food to speak of. “We can put in a grocery order when…

Spiritual Wrestling

Originally posted on MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Inspirations:
Our nation’s summer boiled with fear driven hate. The racism is a powerful tsunami sweeping in from different directions, but it is hatred all the way. The facet that has been causing my search of my conscience is the Syrian Immigrants and it eventually put many questions…

A Perpetual Time Loop Towards a Different Path

Originally posted on Musings of a Mystery Novelist:
Or: Even more quasi-random musings on whatever comes to mind at this very moment (or a few moments ago, as it does take some time for the exact thought to travel from the head through the arms and out from my fingertips). Anyway. In honor (kinda) of…

Branding your Books into a Series – Episode 3 of 4…

Branding your Books into a Series – Episode 3 of 4…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
See Episode 1 HERE. See Episode 2 HERE. Welcome back. Now that you’ve had your introduction to using color to mark your books as a series, I’m sure you see that all over the place. About like noticing a particular make/model of vehicle once you’ve…

Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe Volume 1: The Beginning — Editing Update

Originally posted on Anna Dobritt — Author:
On May 25, 2013, I began writing the first draft of the Ravynwyng Chronicles.Universe. On September 24, 2013, I finished the first draft, which topped out at 287,777 words. I was advised to split it into two volumes easy enough. Volume 1: The Beginning topped out at 151,699…

Full English in Chester & The Half Day Holiday.

Originally posted on barsetshirediaries:
Sunday 13th Sept 2015. I know I woke at about 3.00 am but I screwed up my eyes convinced there was more to come. There was. The second awakening came at an amazing 5.54 am. That’s a night of almost 5 hours. Before even touching the computer I went to take…

Weird and Bizarre Cat Days

Originally posted on Marion's Superkitty Tales and Children's Books:
I do a newsletter for my church and send it out once a month. I started posted some of the weird and bizarre holidays for each month. Some of them are real crazy!! A lot of them revolve around food, like National Peanut Butter…

We are the last humans. What are we going to do with that responsibility?

We are the last humans. What are we going to do with that responsibility?

Originally posted on Matthew Wright:
The revelation this week that a new species of extinct human – H. naledi – has been found in South Africa begs a whole lot of questions. For me, it also reinforces the responsibilities we have today as humans. It’s like this. Some 737 bones totalling 15 near-complete skeletons were found in what seems…

Seeing Alien Power Beaming ******** Posted From Centauri Dreams

Posted: 25 Sep 2015 09:18 AM PDT We’ve long discussed intercepting not only beacons but stray radio traffic from other civilizations. The latter may be an all but impossible catch for our technology, but there is a third possibility: Perhaps we can intercept the ‘leakage’ from a beamed power infrastructure used to accelerate another civilization’s […]

The Writer’s Complaint Meme…

The Writer’s Complaint Meme…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
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