Fifty Shades of Love PASSION – Tristan ‘his thoughts’ by R.M.Simone’




When it happens…
There is something that speaks to you from within when that moment of meeting is about to happen. You are focused on what it may be lost in the swirl of life creating a perfect storm for meeting.
You move through that morning as usual, while there tugging on your conscious mind is that sense something profound, important and special is going to occur. What that may be is veiled in a mist which does not allow a coming view of it, till it is right there in front of you.
Yet, when you see her, your entire sense of your world shifts on axis to accommodate her comfort level while those magnetic forces are aligning.
It throws you both off balance instantly.
I knew that making her feel safe in that meeting was to adjust the environment and that scene to accommodate her needs. When a man sees ‘her’, the one he is destined to be with, all he wants to do is make her feel comfortable and please her.
Protect her…
This is how it begins and how you know, this is the One.
Suddenly you see only her.
Suddenly no one in the room matters.
Suddenly this is the moment you waited for all your life.
The person you had dreams about before meeting. Suddenly you saw each other. Suddenly you were thrown into a colliding of Galaxies that riveted you both into a new orbit between the moving bodies.
Suddenly your life became about just this moment.
She was there.
Your thoughts became only about her and nothing else was of matter.
My thoughts from that moment were only of her.
Tristan’s Thoughts
50 shades of love passion cover


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