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This was my St Patrick’s Day post from 2015.        Wearing O’ the Green.

So, this year I thought I’d research it a tiny bit more.         Here’s what I learned.

From the website:

slob, humor, St PatrickThe “Real St. Patrick”

“Patrick isn’t really a Saint with a capital S, having never been officially canonized by Rome. And Patrick couldn’t have driven the snakes out of Ireland because there were never any snakes there to begin with.”

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“Though he was not solely responsible for converting the island, Patrick was quite successful. He made missionary journeys all over Ireland, and it soon became known as one of Europe’s Christian centers. This, of course, was very important to fifth-century Christians, for whom Ireland was one of the “ends of the earth.”

But, he DID use the shamrock to explain the Trinity, right??

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Well, according to…

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