GYRE by @JessGunnAuthor #YA / #NA #SciFic Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria travellers #wwwblogs

Rosie Amber

Gyre (Atlas Link, #1)Gyre by Jessica Gunn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gyre is Young Adult/ New Adult Scifi and book #1 of the Atlas Link series. The book opens in Boston, but most of the action takes place aboard a top secret Navy vessel known as SeaSatellite5.

Chelsea, an archaeology student and rock singer, meets Trevor Bancore one evening. He stops Chelsea being assaulted. Trevor is on the run; for him, there is no escaping a war over time travel, fought between two ancient races.

Three months later Chelsea is confronted by her cheating boyfriend, and her anger unleashes a hidden power within her. She teleports to a top secret naval vessel, where a serious security breach occurs and she is rescued by the intervention of Dr Helen Gordon.

Helen believes Chelsea has an ancient Atlantean gene. However, Chelsea knows nothing of such an ancestry link. Seasatellite5 is currently searching the…

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3 thoughts on “GYRE by @JessGunnAuthor #YA / #NA #SciFic Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria travellers #wwwblogs”

  1. Young adult reading material is so vital to have young people not only spend time reading but high interest reading such as this genre helps them engage in text. I used to tell my 11th graders if pictures are not occurring in your mind and emotional reactions are not formed they are looking at words not reading words. They looked at me like I was crazy. Unfortunately except for the college bound unless I gave a writing assignment to force them to read they rarely opened the text book. Could not get even 30% of students to bring their book to class each day. Teens do not read much these past 20 years. You would be astonished how man graduating seniors have never read a single book cover to cover in their entire schooling.

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