How I Sold 100x More of My Book Series 

How To Ebook


I’m always one of the first to advocate for making a first-in-series book free.Permafree series-startersare what have kept my book sales chugging along. And when I’m lucky enough to score a BookBub Featured Deal on one of my three free Scottish historical romances, the sales of the two following books in each series always pay for the deal and net me a tidy profit.

Similarly, discounting the backlist is great forcatapulting sales of new releases. When I was preparing to release Book #3 in myCalifornia Legendsseries, I planned to run a price promotion on Book #1,Native Gold. Since this series is in a more obscure genre — Native American/Western historical romance — I decided to try something different. If I wanted to experiment with launch pricing on any of my series, this…

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