Two beautiful poems from “A Poet’s Journey :Sunlight and Shadows” by Marta Moran Bishop

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Friendship based on shadows
Promises never kept
Lines crossed too often
With words misunderstood

Can we survive this way
When we cannot be honest
Platitudes often spoken
Without substance or truth

Honor, kindness is lost
So, mired in pretense
Arise my true sister
Throw off your raiments of fear
Take my hand in yours

Let light bind us together
Our words build each other
No tears to squash our dreams
No anger to close our hearts.
Arm in arm together
Women can change the world
Grow, let go of our past
Fearless, strong and loving
Bright spirit show the way.

Marta sunshine and shadows 1.jpg


Before I saw your face or touched your fur
I heard your cries for help, longing for love
So loud your anguish I knew where to go
So deep your despair you didn’t know me

For a home of your own, all hope…

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