Rose was too numb to protest, her mind was stuck in neutral and doing donuts.

The Owl Branch Book Promotions

Barbi his perogative with blurb.jpg

“Do you know why you’re here, Rose?” Samual whispered in a voice cut from dusky felt
And Rose’s mouth popped open automatically to answer. Until she realizes she didn’t have a clue.
“I called you,” he murmured while he watched his hands wrap the towel around her thigh. His touch was soft, intimate, yet had completely avoided any violation. “I’ve been calling you for a while,” he smoothed the towel down her leg and then ran it over her toes. It really did nothing for the mud and her legs were already dry… suddenly she realized this had nothing to do with drying.
It had everything to do with touch.
“A long while,” he breathed, pulling the terry cloth down the other leg, the warmth from his hands seeping through and leaving chill bumps in their wake.
Samual looked up at her with eyes that were coal still. “I knew…

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