“A toast,” his visitor said, before stabbing Jim in the neck with a large kitchen butcher knife!

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Ger fingerprint murders with gun

“Well, well, well,” Jim said to his intruder, while slowly replacing the phone receiver back in its cradle. “I told you to never come to my office or call me here. And who the hell was that on the phone? One of your ‘other’ friends?” he asked sarcastically.
Jim’s visitor didn’t speak, but simply smiled, while quietly closing the office door behind them. Then they walked across the office, around the large desk and slowly began giving Jim a soft shoulder massage.
“Thank you,” Jim mumbled, enjoying the massage. “But, this doesn’t change anything. We’ve had our fun, you’ve been paid and tonight isn’t a good time – I’m tired and I’m going home.”
Jim’s visitor still didn’t speak. Slowly they reached a glove covered hand into their pocket and produced a freshly opened bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a couple of glasses, which they sat on his desk, while…

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