The Owl Branch Book Promotions

“LEOPARD “Prince of Darkness” and “Silent Hunter” 

Walking and climbing was fun but hard work! Well, children, look at that beautiful coat! Take note of the bold gold with perfect black spots like a jigsaw puzzle. Climbing trees, lying on the branches where the leopard can hide. Its bright eyes like binoculars they watch, waiting to pounce and feed.”


“Did You Know? These colorful leopards have been given nicknames and are truly “The Prince of Darkness” and “The Silent Hunters”. With camouflaged fur, they can hide and not be seen easily. Like the lions, they belong to the “Felidae” family and are the smallest of the four cats. They are the most beautiful animal in the world with a lovely glow about them with their wonderful spotted fur, so distinct and striking. They can run at 36 miles per hour, jump up to 10 feet and leap over 20 feet…

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