The Owl Branch Book Promotions

15722528_1765547713769493_1739700648_n.jpg“Now! Tell me now because I’ve got two of ours in fuckin’ God knows where and they’re being hunted. Tell me what the fuck made you think it was okay to send them any-fuckin’-where.” Jesus. He’s ready to hit me. “You telling me I head up Protectors made me think you meant it. I’m doing the job you gave me, but I’m fighting everyone’s assumption that I’m still a fuck-up. If you’d take a fuckin’ minute and listen I can explain.” Fuck! He’s got his hand wrapped around my neck and I’m slammed against the wall before I can even register he moved. “I don’t give a fuck whose family you are. I deserve more respect than I’ve seen out of you. If you can’t get it together then drop the fuckin’ cut now.” What? I’ve given him respect. I’m trying to think of when I’ve been disrespectful to him…

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