The Owl Branch Book Promotions

OBLIGATIONS PSWINN““You can feel it, can’t you?” Josh nodded. “It feels like a heavy covering was finally pulled off this town. Like warm, spring weather coming after a cold, hard winter.” Cassie sat back smiling. A few minutes later they pulled up in front of a quaint cottage style house. On either side of the front doors, the rectangular windows had flower boxes in bloom with bright colored flowers. The yard was well kept with numerous bushes. The whole placed had an inviting look to it. Josh parked but still sat behind the wheel. He looked over at Cassie. “You know, it’s funny but I’m almost sorry this whole thing is coming to an end. I feel like this is my last obligation.” Cassie shook her head. No Josh, obligations never end. This is just the end of a chapter in the story. Another book of obligations will come along and…

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