Opening scene from A Wolf’s Christmas gift –Magical holiday love by Darlene Kuncytes

The Owl Branch Book Promotions

7ed14-magicholidaylovedk“Megan Daniels hurriedly pushed her way past the throngs of overly cheerful holiday shoppers mulling about and made her way down the street; her head down as she tried to fight off the bone-chilling cold. Christmas lights twinkled and flashed all around her, which only served to darken her already foul mood. Thanking the powers that be that it was finally Friday, and she would be able to just lock herself away for the weekend, she rushed past the happy families as they laughed and juggled their purchases in their arms, plotting their next stop on their holiday hit list. God! She really hated Christmas! The lights, the people…the festive feel in the air. Carols playing wherever you went. It was pure torture! She realized and accepted that fact that she was always a complete downer this time of year; but when you were all alone in a big city…

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