Surprising and heartfelt!

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Jerry Grandma me and tree.jpg

As an artist, Grandma spent countless hours searching the woods for wildlife to draw. Always having believed there was a link with nature and humans, she encounters a special tree that proved her theories and gave her more than she even bargained for. Read along as Grandma shares a story that changed her life and made believers of her three grandchildren in the mystical powers of nature.

5-Star Review By Tiffany

This was a surprisingly heartfelt and touching story. It lead the reader in one direction and then pleasantly brought them another, opening up to the heart of the book, showing the heart of the author as well. These stories from Grandma or Grandpa that children so desperately crave are still as important to their imagination and creativity as ever, let’s not forget them and continue to share with all. Great work!


You can find “Grandma, Me and Tree”
by Jerry…

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