Murder, secrets and amazing football plays oh my!!!! a great read by Eliot Parker.

The Owl Branch Book Promotions


Autumn is in the air at Clear Water and so is murder…. after the mysterious death at the college, Cub reporter Serena and star quarterback start to look into the mysterious goings on at the school… Will Serena get her story or will it or she be axed? Cullen Brewer notices unfavorable changes in his fellow teammate and investigates as well. Someone wants to keep the secrets buried –will the bodies start piling up?

Cullen Brewer, starting quarterback for the Clear River College Cougars, discovers that his senior year will be far more exciting than winning a few football games. He is suddenly shocked when the body of his favorite wide receiver, Dane Antonelli, is found in a dormitory stairwell. He links up with Serena Johnson, a student newspaper reporter, searching for the truth behind Dane’s death. As they explore ties to coaches and college administrators, Cullen and Serena find…

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