To fix his future Trent must change his past!!! THE RED DIRT PARADOX BY GARY D. HENRY

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Trent Pritchard grew up in a small town in Central West Virginia called Red Dirt. The town of fewer than three hundred people was on no map. His father, Ben, ran a sportsman store supporting the town’s pastime of camping and hunting in the undiscovered forests surrounding the town. Trent’s father grew up with a group of friends affectionately named The Lost River Boys. Trent enjoyed his life until something evil crept into causing his parents and many deaths in the town. He need-ed the Lost River Boys’ history to untangle his present and future. The Kolb brothers were the worst kind of lawless rednecks. Together, they terrorized the town’s citizens.
The sons of the once beloved Randolph Kolb, they felt that they owned the town. Rape, murder, fights and overall evil permeated their existence. Soon, even their father couldn’t control his sons and in his advancing years, he feared…

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