An ex-Memphis cop and a friend of Carson is in trouble – but what kind of trouble?

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ger-reelfoot-with-award  Located on a dark stretch of South Front Street, and high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, is a stretch of vacant warehouses that were once used to store cotton.  Those days are past, and now most cotton was sold through the Exchange before it ever left the field.  It went from the field, to the cotton gin and then to its predetermined destination – avoiding expensive warehousing and storage.  Now only a small portion of the cotton brought through the Memphis market traveled via the river, with the majority being transported by truck or rail to the mills.
This left dozens of empty, rotting and shabby buildings in this dismal area of Southwest Memphis – now used only by the homeless, the drug dealers and the rats – both the four and two-legged kind!
Near the end of one of these rows of warehouses was a two-story…

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