While trying to answer that question, Carson finds more questions – and all with no answers

The Owl Branch Book Promotions

ger-reelfoot-with-trees  Garrett Steel is married to the former Connie Brasfield of Humboldt, Tennessee.  I don’t recall how they met and I didn’t know Connie before their marriage, but I did know her family. They are good people.  I was first introduced to Connie at their wedding – which was almost eight years ago.  Garrett and I worked together on a number of occasions while he was with the police force, and we remained close friends – even through the trial, the embarrassment and the humiliation of being fired from the Memphis Police Department.
After the trial, Garrett and Connie took their belongings, their only child, Jason, and hurriedly left Memphis.  They moved in with Connie’s parents in Humboldt, who welcomed having their daughter, son-in-law and grandson into their home; unfortunately that welcome didn’t last long.
Garrett briefly looked for work, and even talked to Humboldt Police Chief Raymond Griggs about…

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