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Ryanne negative ion letterReally loved this story about kimber and jaxen. I couldn’t believe they loved each other all this time and it took them so long to get together. A must read it was sad towards the end. I wanna read next two to see what happens to them. The ending was a cliff hanger. Does she stay married to Roland or go with Jaxen? I have to know. This book had me in suspense couldn’t put it down til I was done.

Ryanne FALLING Book One of the Negative Ion Series

“Falling Book”
(One of the
Negative Ion Series)

Amazon – US             Amazon – UK

divider 1Ryanne despair with excerpt

She did it again,she drew me into the book. I could not put it down. This woman is an amazing writer. I seriously can’t get enough of her.

I chose this rating because it’s a great book.

I would strongly suggest anyone who reads to read this book…

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