The Owl Branch Book Promotions

51DE4bJYp6L (1)         Image result for FEMALE ARMY CAPTAIN SALUTING HER CO““Captain Kira Riley.”  The stern woman said abruptly. “Major Baker will see you now.  Follow me.”  She turned without waiting for Kira to respond. Kira followed her through the office door, past the outer office and into the private office of Major Paul Baker.  Kira stood very still at attention waiting to be acknowledged and dismissed to sit. The beige wall behind the major was bare except for carefully placed frames containing streamers of service, army creed, and branch coat of arms.  Between them stood a large solid wood desk containing a computer and a few mementos.  Kira could see the major was all business.  He was sitting reviewing a file, probably hers, and took his time before acknowledging her presence.  At once he stood and Kira saluted.  “At ease Captain Riley.  You may be seated.”  The major returned to his chair and continued to…

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