Mystical tones…a touch of the allegorical

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The Choosing is a story with interesting mystical tones and a touch of the allegorical. It speaks to the harmony that must exist between people and the gods for the bounty on earth to be renewable. The passages that portray rituals used to honor the earth and its gifts were memorable to me.

Strength and vitality are prominent traits in the main character. Mondoani is no ordinary girl; she has been chosen by the gods to be the tribe’s new Memory Keeper when their Old Mother dies. The Memory Keeper plays a most significant role in the tribe. She is the conduit who is entrusted to intercede with the gods for a tribe’s survival: to ensure safe passage to the place where food, water and safety are assured. This task is daunting for Mondoani, fraught with fears that there will not be enough time for her to gain enough knowledge…

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