An open passenger door was the reason I was in this ditch, and my ejection spared me most of the shock from the crash

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Ger dead end with review

“Chip, what’s going on?” I asked, as he rushed out of the icy parking lot before turning on lights and siren.

   “This afternoon, just before dark, one of my troopers spotted a car parked on a snow covered farm road near Gadsden – just off the Memphis highway. It was sitting in the middle of the road with motor running, headlights on and not moving. The trooper investigated, and first noticed a large hole in the windshield, then what appeared to be someone sitting behind the steering wheel. When they didn’t respond to his commands, he cautiously approached the vehicle – demanding the driver to turn off the engine.  He got no reply, and for good reason. What he found inside was a body sitting in the driver’s area – a body badly disfigured by an apparent shotgun blast to the head and face.  After securing the scene, he…

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