A lovely poem from “A Walk Through Nature” by Marta Moran Bishop

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Marta a walk through nature


Across the years my mind flies
Through muddy passages
My heart must find its own way
To shed light in those places
Where emptiness lives

Lost ones living on in caverns
In dark places of my soul
Striving to be remembered
Will breathe air into those flames
Till they are beacons of fire

Throwing sunlight at shadows
Lighting cold spaces with warmth
Uncovering lost dreams and loves
And memories of times past
Bringing the promise of hope

Releasing shackled baggage
Tangled in remembering
Leaving love and knowledge
Of those, we have left behind
They will not be forgotten

On wings of bright light and wind
The doors will open wider
Showing us that truth is more
Than we had known before
Long gone are the seeds of doubt

With those memories of loss
That serve only to drag us down
Into the gutter of angst

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